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2018 Year in Review

2018 Year in Review

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Happy last day of 2018!! For the past couple of years, I have recapped the whole year and linked relevant blog posts as a way for you to catch things you might have missed, but also as a reminder for me! To count my blessings and end the year on a good note. I encourage you to do the same!


As per usual I shared the Pantone color of the year and my word for 2018. I chose BEAUTY as my word, which I think I carried out pretty well! I began my nontoxic skincare routine in 2017, but I perfected it in 2018. My first skincare post of the year was about cruelty free and nontoxic face masks. We also went to Montana with friends and I went skiing for the first time. I hated it (lol) I gave tips for beginners here. My biggest tip though? Start ‘em early!



Short and sweet! I got my second facial ever with Amanda at Eleven Wellness (I’ve been going for over a year now!) and got dermaplaning for the first time. I also began using a toner for the first time! Click here to find out what toner is and why use it!



We took our yearly trip to Napa! For the first time we stayed in The Valley at Triple S Ranch. On another skincare note, I shared Blue Tansy on the blog for the first time. To find out why I’m obsessed with Blue Tansy, click here. I also introduced you to the jade roller and gua sha tool, plus how to use them.   I also discovered my current favorite pair of denim shorts and fell in love enough to write a whole blog post on them.



To be honest, this was a weird month. Probably my least favorite of the entire year. I shared my favorite favorite black jumpsuit. I think the biggest thing this month was that I shared all about eyelashes: Why I stopped getting lash extensions, cruelty-free and nontoxic lash serums and primers and cruelty free and nontoxic mascara.



I introduced you to a couple of my new favorite skincare brands: One Love Organics and Biossance. I also found my cruelty-free and nontoxic perfume and shared my favorite traveler skincare tips. I also first proclaimed my love of Ginger root here and why you should consume it. I also brought up the toxic levels of most sunscreen and gave you cruelty free and nontoxic face sunscreen, cruelty free, nontoxic and reef safe sunscreen, and cruelty free and nontoxic self tanners.  I also got a filter for my Instagram feed, so all my pictures would look cohesive!



WE GOT A PUPPY. Oh and I shared one of my most requested posts, what I typically eat in a day, in addition to finding my favorite nontoxic hairspray and one of my other favorite skincare brands, Primally Pure!



I typically get extra days off from work over 4th of July, so we went to LA, Santa Barbara and Paso Robles. I also introduced Everlane as a brand for the first time. I also began  10 week series where I shared easy recipes that I actually made during the week, called Elle’s Everyday Eats.



Nick took me to Tulum for my birthday and I opened up about birthdays and such. I also went in a different skincare direction and discussed topical treatments that help eczema that aren’t steroids. I had also been battling cystic acne for a while and shared my miracle toner: everything spray.



Nick got to perform the wedding ceremony for his cousin in Seattle, so that was really special. I broke up with coconut oil . I also shared tips for battling hormonal acne, including cutting sugar out of my diet for 6 weeks. I also shared my armpit detox and that backpacks exist for adults too!



It was the middle of flu season, so I shared a flu fighting cocktail anddd hosted a Toy Story themed baby shower. Also, Nick and I traveled to Mendocino for our 2nd wedding anniversary!



I hadn’t given a pupdate in a while, so I gave y’all the  (poop) scoop on Dino 😉 We visited Sacrament to celebrate Thanksgiving with Nick’s family, then I pretty much went full gift guide mode!



Though we didn’t really go in there (Little Rock, Arkansas for 2 days), December flew by! I shared Where to cut down your Christmas Tree near DFW and Vegetarian Holiday Meal Ideas. I also gave a workout update with OrangeTheory and shared cruelty-free and nontoxic laundry detergent options!

I hope you liked the recap and had a great year! I only scratched the surface on what I shared this year, so remember that there is a search bar on the top right of my blog where you can look for other things, ie Napa travel guides, Elle’s Everyday Eats and such. ALSO, remember that these are highlights. There were also a lot of lows in 2018, which is part of the reason I’m happy 2019 is just around the corner. Cheers to the New Year! Thank you so much for following along. XOXO

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