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Workout Update

Workout Update

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Happy Monday! Did you “miss your Monday”? Wellll it’s okay if you did. A while back I went through my workout schedule and my thoughts on working out on these posts:

My relationship with food and what I typically eat in a day

My love - hate relationship with fitness trackers

Long story short is that I got so tired of trying to wake up at 4ish everyday and drive 30 minutes to workout, that I kind of just stopped. Every morning I’d wake up defeated and my feet hadn’t even touched the ground yet. I work my day job, have at least an hour commute and then come home and work more on my blog, not to mention I’d try and work on my blog during my lunch hour. I just got tired of that lifestyle.

Late spring I found a yoga class during lunch on Thursdays that I could commit to. It sparked a small change and then mid summer, I decided to try and workout every day during lunch. I realized that since I had pretty much lost all motivation, taking classes was best for me. I plotted the classes and times and blocked off my work calendar in hopes that people would actually use it to schedule me for meetings and I could make the classes. I couldn’t always make the times, but I could make a majority of them and it felt great. Fast forward to late summer and I tried my first OrangeTheory class as a media event. I had never taken a class that pushed me, but was nice to me at the same time and encouraged me to listen to my body! It was pretty much love at first lift ;)

Now it’s the middle of December and I have been an OrangeTheory ambassador for almost 2 months! I don’t want to give too much away for my 3 month OrangeTheory results post, but I really really like it. I try to go 3 times a week and then supplement with yoga 1-2 times a week. Throw in a rest day and a long walk with the pup and the week is over an I’m doing it all over again.

Right now my OrangeTheory schedule is Monday 4:30 am, Thursday 5 am and then sometime on either Saturday or Sunday. I for sure do yoga on Tuesdays and then sometimes Wednesdays and/or Fridays. And yesss. It is still early morning, but it helps when I only have to drive 6 minutes to the studio!! I don’t know if I can really see a physical change yet, but I feel so much better and stronger. Last week in my yoga class I did side crow for the first time ever! I truly attribute that growth, strength and ability to OrangeTheory. They work my whole body (and mind!) and I LOVE it. If you’re looking for an option to start in the new year (or now!) try OrangeTheory!! Your first class is free so you have no excuse! Happy sweating, friends XOXO.

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