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Top 13 Purchases of 2018

Top 13 Purchases of 2018

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I wrote a favorite purchase post last year and enjoyed it so much, I wanted to do it again! Last year I did my top 12 purchases, but this year I bumped it to 13, just because I couldn’t choose! It is kind of crappy to the items that I buy at the end of the year, as they aren’t around long enough to becoming a for sure favorite. Isn’t there a movie award ceremony that is kind of like that? A movie at the end of the year is up for the same awards as one from January? Crazy.

Needless to say, I like all the things I share with you! I typically don’t share something if I don’t like it and if I do share, I’m very upfront about why. There are several things I’m just trying that I LOVE, like these faux leather leggings on sale and our Roomba, buuuut they will just have to wait until next year;) SO, here we go! You can click any image below to be taken to a direct link. If it won’t click through, just refresh the page and it should work like a charm! side note, the deodorant, spray, and hairspray won’t click through, but they are linked in the below descriptions!

In no particular order (other than the collage order), here are my favorites and why!

1) Biossance Squalane Oil. This has become my night oil. I used to use different ones for different things, but really helps with everything, so I don’t need any other ones! I even rub it on my lips like chapstick! Plus, I love that it is for hair, face and body. Squalane is truly an amazing ingredient! It also helps with my eczema.

2) Madewell Central Shirt in Chambray. This my favorite and most worn shirt of 2018. It’s a classic, is perfect for layering. I will for sure be wearing it alllll of 2019 too!

3) Madewell Black Denim Skirt. A black skirt is such a great staple for your closet. You can wear it to work or on the weekends. #versatility Dress it up or dress it down, do you! I’m all for shopping smarter, not harder. I probably wear mine once every two weeks, if not more!

4) Ora Organics Turmeric Supplement. I began taking a turmeric supplement earlier this year after my SIL offered me some for sinus relief. I’m kind of jumping on this “food is medicine” train take turmeric every night before bed! I also love it juiced, but can’t get to that as often. I am on medication that is really inflammatory, plus I’ve had sinus issues my whole life, so it as a no brainer. I forgot to take it one evening and for sure felt it the next day. It also helps with my joint pain! To read more about the benefits of turmeric, click here!

5) Osea Malibu Hyaluronic Sea Serum. At one of my early 2018 facials, my esthetician asked how my skin felt. When I responded dry and tight, she recommended a hyaluronic serum with a water base. Osea Malibu’s was the only one I found that was CF and NT anddd water based. (there are a lot of oil based ones) This has made my skin retain its moisture and it is my secret weapon. It is my most expensive skincare product, but is #worthit in my opinion.

6) Gua Sha Tool and Jade Roller. These tools not only feel good on my skin, but make it prettier too! Not to mention it feels great on my sinuses and relieves pressure, while helping my TMJ! Read more about their benefits here.

7) One Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil and Charcoal Face Mask. I first found One Love Organics in January of 2018, because I was searching for CF and NT cleansing oil to help get mascara off. I was getting rid of my lash extensions and wanted to actually take my mascara off. (unlike my youthful days of just leaving it on or picking it off) I fell in love with the brand, which is when I tried out their charcoal mask. It is truly my ride or die mask. I use it weekly and spot treat with it nightly!

8) Primally Pure Deodorant and Everything Spray. I tested out natural deodorants in 2017, but had to switch around this time last year, because my body grew accustomed to the product. I switched to Primally Pure and have never looked back! Their charcoal deodorant is my favorite, but they have other scents too. Because I liked that product so much, I decided to try others. I know use their Everything Spray as a toner. Read my testimonial with acne photos here. You can get 10% off your Primally Pure order w/code ELLEMULENOS. They have lots of other good products, but these 2 are my fave!

9) Dagne and Dover Backpack. I had been wanting a backpack for a while and finally took the plunge. It has made traveling SO MUCH EASIER. I wrote about why I picked this brand and what I love about it here.

10) Carina Organics Hairspray. I searched high and low for a nontoxic hairspray and this was my favorite! It is a little more expensive and the shipping is annoying, but it is amazing. I also think it lasts longer, because you can’t hold down the button like on a aerosol can…it’s a spray bottle.

11) Uninvited by Lisa Terkeurst. This should be required reading for every girl. Just read it!!

12) Rebecca Minkoff Candance Sandals. I think these are pretty much sold out now, but I had to share them anyway! They are a great height, nice enough to wear to work, and most importantly, super comfortable. If you’ve never tried Rebecca Minkoff’s shoes, you need to. They are always comfy without sacrificing style.

13) J. Crew Drapey Jumpsuit. I looooove this jumpsuit. I have worn it to weddings and I have worn it to work. SO GOOD. When I wear it to work, I layer it with this tank with it, because there’s a small hole in the mid- back. It’s a classic and you can wear it in any season. It will never go out of style!

What were your favorite purchases of 2018?!

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