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Cruelty-Free and Nontoxic Hairspray

Cruelty-Free and Nontoxic Hairspray

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Something I'm known for is my hair. My "signature" look is half up/half down and  supaaa teased. You rarely see me with that hair anymore because it takes longer than my usual down and teased look, but it does make special appearances every so often! 

One of my most asked questions is how I do my hair. It's literally been on my to-do list for YEARS. I just want to get it right and it's not there yet, but I promise, I'm working on it! Something that has kind of put it on the back burner is my switch to cruelty-free and nontoxic products. I've been testing and testing and have not found good replacements...until now!

I mentioned recently that just because a product cruelty-free, does NOT mean it's nontoxic. And just because it says it's "clean" or claims to be nontoxic, does not mean it actually is. It's not regulated and people can pretty much do and say as they please. WHICH IS CRAZY, but anyway... the point is I tried a lot of products that worked and I enjoyed, but they weren't what they claimed to be, so it was a lot of going back to the drawing board. I also tried a lot of products that did check all my boxes, but weren't my favorite to work with, soooo yeah.

I knew finding a hairspray that was clean would be hard, but I'm actually really happy with the ones that I found! I was under the assumption that if the hairspray was in a squirt bottle rather than an aerosol can, it wouldn't work as well. WRONG. I still get all the body I want in my hair! I even polled y'all on instagram and y'all didn't believe I was using a non-aerosol hairspray! Side note if you're wondering WHY you should use a nontoxic hairspray, it's because you're not only putting this on your body, but breathing it in. BREATHING IT IN. #notgood

So, without further adieu, let me introduce you to Carina Organics Hairspray!  They are out of Vancouver and have been committed to toxin free beauty since 1972! I've only tried their hairspray, but they have a whole beauty line including other haircare products, face, body, and a baby line!  I ordered Carina in mid-March and finished the bottle in the beginning of June. So, not bad! I'm pretty sure I run out of aerosol cans faster than that! 8 oz at $9.99. shipping costs $7.99 coming from Cananda...

I know all hair is different, so my second pick if you don't like Carina, is Josh Rosebrook Hairspray.  It's more expensive for less product, and you still have to pay shipping for the most part unless their is a sale or something,  Also, I don't think it works quite as good as Carina, but it's another option if you need it! A plus of this one though is that it doesn't contain alcohol, so if you're looking for an alcohol-free hairpspray, this is your best bet!

Here's a bulleted overview:


Carina Organics

  • Size: 8 oz, 1 litre, 4 litres
  • Price: $9.99, $33.99, $98.99
  • Shipping Cost: $7.99, Free on orders > $99
  • Scent: Sweet Pea, Unscented
  • Thoughts: My favorite!! I have the sweet pea one and I love it. It doesn't make my hair too shiny or crunchy. It's perfect! The shipping cost kind of stinks, but it is coming all the way from Canada!


Josh Rosebrook

  • Size: 2 oz, 4 oz
  • Price: $16, $24
  • Shipping Cost: $4.99, sometimes free depending on site sale
  • Scent: Citrus Fresh
  • Thoughts: It works well, but kind of leaves my hair a little too shiny at times. Maybe I'm using too much? Not sure! It is my second favorite for sure, though. If you're looking for one w/o alcohol, this is your pick.


Anddd don't worry. My next hair post I think will include all of my favorite cruelty free and nontoxic hair products including everything from shampoo, to styling! I will try and get a "How I do my hair" video out, let's say...this year?! Let me know if you have any cruelty-free and nontoxic hairspray options that you love!

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