How to Style a Sweater Skirt

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I’ve been itching for a sweater skirt for a while. Not an itchy sweater though ;) You know, a super soft one that brings all the comfort of wearing an actual sweater to your bottom half! Madewell had one in its pre-fall launch. I pre-ordered it, but I guess they sold too much? Not sure, but needless to say I did not receive it and I’ve been on the prowl for one ever since. There weren’t a ton this winter, but I predict that we’ll see more of them next season!

I knew this sweater skirt, but I didn’t really know how to style it. The way they showed it styled online was with another sweater. Well, me and my curves said no thank you to that! I needed something else to give me a little bit of shape, without looking like I was going to hit up a club. The sweater skirt kind of hugs you in all the right places ;) I searched on Pinterest and even did a random Google search, but could not find anything to help me style it!

I get a lot of questions on how to start a blog and what to blog about. My blog began out of the desire to be a resource to others. I would google things and not find an answer so I would research and post my own answers. I couldn’t find anything on how to style a sweater skirt, so here we are. Helping you style a sweater skirt!

I tried a lot of things on with the sweater skirt and really only liked this loose fitting tee. I tried a sweater on with the skirt and felt frumpy. I tried to tuck a tee into the skirt and didn’t like the lines. This knotted front tee was my favorite! My second favorite was a button up chambray shirt that I tied in front as well. I thought what looked best was a tunic-type of top that gives you a waistline, but also some room…for leftover Christmas cookies and such! I think you can get away with tucking something in if you are petite - and even if you’re super curvy! #youdoyou However, for my comfort zone (and my wide hips and backside), I’ll stick to a looser look. Plus, the apparel major in me appreciates the balance of a looser top, as the bottom is more form fitting.

Have you ever worn sweater skirt? How’d you style it?! Would love to incorporate looks for next Fall! (though I can’t believe I’m already thinking about LMents of Style Fall 2019!)

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