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The Eyelash Series Part 2: Cruelty-Free and Nontoxic Lash Serums and Primers

The Eyelash Series Part 2: Cruelty-Free and Nontoxic Lash Serums and Primers

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Welcome back, y'all! If you're just hopping onto this series, be sure you check out part 1: Why I stopped getting lash extensions. Come back for part 3 tomorrow! Hint, its about mascara!! Anyway, I had lash extensions for a year and half. During that time, I did not wear one iota of mascara. It was glorious. Buttttt  now I'm back to reality and am trying to make my eyelashes long and voluminous myself...well, with the help of some friends, er I mean products ;)

Before I get into the serums and such, I wanted to bring up my eyelash curler. I asked y'all for recommendations, but none of the ones y'all said you loved were by cruelty-free brands :( Also, I'm including it on this post, because I do this before primer or mascara. I actually polled y'all on Instagram about when you use it! Only 15% of y'all said you use the curler after, so yeah I agree with the 85% and use it before. There are sometimes that I like doing it after, but it depends on the mascara, so that specifically will have to wait until tomorrow!



Milk Makeup Eyelash Curler. I love the MM brand, so I was relieved I discovered that that made a curler. They are cruelty-free, so it was a no-brainer when I saw it. It works just fine! I haven't really used that many to compare it to, but the reviews are good and I'm happy, so everything is good!

It wasn't in stock when I was ready to purchase it, but I also wanted to try the Lash Upgrade Lash Curler. So, that's another one I would recommend, as I have heard good things, it's CF, and looks as though it is made the same design as my Milk Makeup one.



*I wasn't able to link the Luna Nectar in the above widget, but it is linked below

BoostLash. This was the first one I used. I applied it morning and night for about a month and a half. I'm a liiiittle confused, because I only paid around $50 for it and now it's listed for over $100. I would't pay that price for it, but I did think it helped with lengthening! I wasn't too amazed with it, but did appreciate the length.

Luna Nectar Moon Boost Enhancing Serum. My friend Jourdan of Beauty & Her actually recommended this one! It's $60 USD (it's a Canada brand), so around the same price as the other. What I think this did well is fill in my sparse lashes, so more along the lines of thickening. I've been using this one for about a month now and have really liked it thus far!

See my current results thus far! The top photo was taken on March 20th and the bottom photo was taken on April 19th.

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Just as a side note here, it's really hard to fine a natural and non-toxic serum to try, so these were my top 2! Also, I noticed the biggest difference when applying mascara, not really a difference I could tell with the naked eye. I think you can see a difference in the above photos. What do you think?!I will continue testing things out and give you an update later as well.



Jane Iredale PureLash Extender and Conditioner.  I learned about this Molly of Still Being Molly. I'd try other brands, buuuuut I'm too happy with this one! Before using, I brush my eyelashes with a lash wand, then curl them for about 10 seconds each. Next I put on the conditioner. I like to do this early on in my makeup regimen, so it can dry / not mix with my mascara formula. It is almost $20, so not something cheap, but I think it makes my mascara work better and stay longer! Not to mention, aid in getting my comliemtns on my eyelashes!


Do you have any holy grail eyelash products?? Throw 'em at me! Oh and bat those eyelashes, baby

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