Longer Denim Shorts

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With spring's arrival this week, comes a change in the wardrobe. Well...at least it SHOULD! I have some friends getting snowed on right now, so I can't speak for everyone, but this past weekend in Austin, TX, was sunny and glorious. There's really nothing better than a pair of classic cut-off denim shorts to transition spring into summer. 

Honestly finding the perfect pair of cut-offs is hard. I've been wearing One Teaspoon shorts for the past 5ish years, but I need to graduate onto some that are a little longer. And no, I don't mean bermuda shorts, because I will not be wearing those again! Remember that amazing commercial Old Navy did to promote them, with a cover of the song Fame? It would have to be something like that but even better to get me to put them on again. I knoooow they are trending right now, but no thank you. My friend Courtney wore some here, but she's way cooler than me and can make anything look chic. I digress... Anyway, I needed to find some that were longer, but not many people make shorts like One Teaspoon does. They are the true denim like Levi's originals or Wranglers, without any spandex/stretch in them, but also manage to be cute and slouchy at the same time. The fiber content is also super important to me because living in Texas, you don't want tight shorts that aren't breathable. That's a chaffing nightmare ready to happen! My point is that a lot of places offer longer length denim, but it's either stretchy or too long/not my style.

A month or two ago, I was watching the instastories of Kathleen Barnes of Carrie Bradshaw Lied and she mentioned this pair of Agolde Shorts, which I had never heard of before. (if you still believe that bloggers don't work when it comes to advertising, case and point!) I could tell from the picture and the description that the were the loose fit I was wanting, but didn't show too much booty/crotch, which was exactly what I needed! I ended up ordering the Parker cut in Swapmeet and L O V E D them. I wasn't sure which size I'd be, so I ordered a 28 and a 29. I def needed the 29 because there is no stretch, which is actually my One Teaspoon size. Point being, I'm a 28 or 29 in some jeans, so I'd say pretty true to size. Honestly there's still nothing wrong with my One Teaspoons - I still love them, I just think now that I'm closer to 30 than 20 I needed to update my shorts length to something I'm more comfortable in. 

To touch on the price point, unfortunately, they aren't any cheaper than One Teaspoon. Something to think about is that these are 100% cotton, just like OT. Because of my background, I am familiar with prices on fibers and natural vs man-made, but I know it's not something everyone knows. Most of the denim that we have grown to love has spandex, lycra, or some other kind of man-made fabric. Scientifically made fibers are cheaper than natural fibers, which explains the price, especially coupled with the fact that they are made in America. Think about wear and tear also. I mentioned having my OT's for 5ish years! That's me not buying another pair of cut-offs and wearing the same pair that whole time. The cost per wear is a lot cheaper than you think. I plan on touching on this more + the ethics of fashion in the near future, so stay tuned. 

Back on topic...because I loved this classic denim pair so much, I rounded up some of my other favorites from the brand. The black pair of shorts are next in line for me, but the ripped knee denim is too cute too!

What are y'alls thoughts on short length?? What do you feel most comfy in? Any favorite longer length shorts? Send them my way! Currently in the process of making over my wardrobe. XOXO 

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