Armpit Detox: How and Why

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I switched to natural deodorant over a year ago, but it feels longer than that. Is it harder sometimes? Yeah. But once you know, you know and there’s no going back. I’ve tried A TON (see the ones I’ve tried here), but I’ve been using Primally Pure since January and it is awesome. I’ve gone from the lavender, to blue tansy, but I’m currently obsessed with their charcoal deodorant and Nick is too!

The armpits are literally an entrance and exit point of the body. You can detox all you want, but if what you’re putting in is crap, that’s what the smell of your armpits is going to excrete as. Ya feel me? When I made the switch, I invited Nick to join me as well…just kidding. I forced him. (lol) At times he still gets frustrated with natural deodorant. He wants an antiperspirant. I mean, that’s what we grew up with! Something that stopped you from sweating and smelling, by pretty much clogging your pores and keeping everything that realllllly should be coming out, in. Oh and putting aluminum in your body, which has been linked to cancer and all other kinds of diseases.

When I first went natural, I hadn’t heard of Primally Pure, but I wish I had had, because their blog is a wealth of knowledge. Something I should have done starting out was an armpit detox, which I first read about here. Doing this simple detox can help minimize odor, painful rashes and sweat! It’s pretty easy too. All you do is combine 1 TBS Aztec Secret - Indian Healing Clay with 1 tsp water and 1 tsp ACV, then mix together and apply! Leave on for about 20 minutes, then wash it off. (I like to use it right before I shower.) Oh andddd while you’re doing it to your armpits, go ahead and put it on your face too, because you can. It’s gentle and it tightens and of course detoxes your pores. I try to do this once every 1-2 weeks, usually every 2 weeks. Much to Nick’s dismay, I also make him do it, but he has seen good results!

When I don’t have time to do the mask, I reach for my Primally Pure Everything Spray! (get 10% off w/code ELLEMULENOS through the month of September!) I did an entire blog post on it, but it can pretty much be used for anything. I use it daily for toner, but it also works as an armpit refresher! Spray or dab a little under there and you are good to go! One of the ingredients is ACV, just like you use in the mask, so it truly is an on-the-go version - especially while traveling!

Overall, an armpit detox is great for anyone, but for sure a good idea those using natural deodorant, especially during the transition period! Have you done a detox for your pits?? Anything I forgot to say? Let me know!

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