Elle's Everyday Eats: Week 9

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Hello from Seattle! Nick and I are stoked for today. We managed to grab tickets to the Cowboys - Seahawks game. It’s definitely a bucket list item for us to be able to attend an away game, especially against a team his entire family loves. We left Wednesday night, so it has been a good length of a trip. That being said, I had to pull from the archives a little bit so I could share 5 recipes with y’all! I’m usually a little bit ahead of the week with recipes, but I think I only cooked once last week and it was the pumpkin risotto. SO GOOD. The first time we had pumpkin risotto was at Jade Mountain in Saint Lucia. I still have dreams about it! This one wasn’t as good, but it was pretty dang close. If you liked the pumpkin mac and cheese from last week, you’re going to love this!

To be honest, the amount of tacos and quesadillas we consumed last week was unreal. (lol) I love to have good, fluffy tortillas on hand, along with refried black beans and different cheeses. I mainly had tacos, but Nick is a quesadilla guy. One day, he used leftover buffalo chicken from last week’s bowls in a quesadilla and it was pretty good. Just like I enjoy sharing versatility in outfits, I like to share that leftovers can be fun too!

Happy cooking! Oh and happy fall as of yesterday :) Get ready for more warm, comfort foods - hopefully with a healthier twist!

RecipeSkillet Creamy Garlic Chicken with Broccoli

Adaptations: N/A

Wine pairing: Viogner

My thoughts: Pretty good! I don’t know that I would rate it as high as Nick - to me it was just another chicken recipe, but it was yummy.

Nick's Rating: 9

Any leftovers? Yes! About 2 servings.

Can I make it vegetarian?  Just remove the chicken?


RecipeCreamy Spinach and Tomato Vegetarian Lasagna

Adaptations: N/A

Wine pairing: Syrah

My thoughts: This was actually my first time making lasagna! It was pretty easy and so yummy. I just used pre-packaged lasanga noodles. I need to try and find a whole wheat and/or gluten free option.

Nick's Rating: 9

Any leftovers? yes! Several servings left over.

Can I make it vegetarian?  It is!!

RecipePumpkin Risotto with Goat Cheese

Adaptations: The only different thing I did was mix in some of the goat cheese at the very end, instead of just topping it with it.

Wine pairing: Petite Syrah

My thoughts: DELIGHTFUL. This was my first time making risotto and I will def be doing it again. It’s not really something to make in a time crunch because you literally stir it for30 minutes, but it’s so worth it!

Nick's Rating: 9.5

Any leftovers? Yes! About 2 servings.

Can I make it vegetarian?  It is!

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RecipeUnstuffed Cabbage Casserole

Adaptations: N/A

Wine pairing: Pinot Noir

My thoughts: I first shared this recipe back in 2017 on my casserole post! I like it, because it’s kind of unsuspecting and the cayenne pepper is the yummiest kick.

Nick's Rating: 8.5

Any leftovers? yep! The beauty of casseroles :)

Can I make it vegetarian?  Not really.

Recipe: Salmon w/ peach salsa and parmesan baked zucchini

(We made the peach salsa by just chopping up peach, red onion, and adding lime juice and cilantro)

Adaptations: N/A

Wine pairing: Sangiovese

My thoughts: You can pretty much make the salsa seasonal to whatever is fresh! Try peach, a strawberry citrus, you name it!

Nick's Rating: 8.5

Any leftovers? Not really.

Can I make it vegetarian?  Just eat the veggies?

Don’t forget to send me your favorite recipes! I love trying them out :)


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