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4 Cruelty Free + Nontoxic Face Masks

4 Cruelty Free + Nontoxic Face Masks

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Happy Make your skin look and feel better Monday!! Just kidding. I literally just made that up, but I hope you'll join me!  Over the past year, I have been getting more and more into skincare. Considering I'm now closer to 30 than I am to 20, I have been trying to get my routine in check. Along with finding products that actually work, I have been trying to use products that are not only nontoxic - aka don't have parabens and harsh chemicals that you don't need, in addition to using products that are cruelty free - aka that don't test on animals. You' be surprised how many beauty companies do test on animals and/or are super vague if they do it or not. To sell in Mainland China, beauty products have to be tested on animals, so even if a company doesn't support it or do it themselves, if they sell in China, people are doing it for them. 

I think I had a stereotype of face masks in my head and am just finding out that it isn't true! I had this picture of a girl with a towel around her wet hair, a sea-foam green face mask that didn't actually do anything, anddd of course cucumbers on her eyelids. The other idea I had of what a face mask was, is the ever popular Korean sheet mask! I didn't realize that a ton of face masks are actually in jars! Crazy, I know... 

That being said, for this post, I am sharing pre-made, ready to use masks. I didn't feature any sheet masks, because I feel like you can get more for your money out of a jar, based on cost per use. (skincare isn't cheap!) I also didn't feature any of the powder ones where you use water, because let's face it (pun intended)...I want it to be ready when I am ready to use it it! (lazy? Idk)

I have been researching and testing for y'all over the last couple of months and am so excited to finally hit publish on this post! A while back when I asked what y'all would like to see more of, you said beauty and skincare, as most of you knew that I was going down this path of clean beauty. I started going down this path last February, when I tried Juice Beauty for the first time. Before I get started, here are some things to remember when using a face mask.

  • Wash your hands, then wash your face! You don't want to do a face mask w/o washing either of those things. It can lock in dirt and bacteria. I use Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk.

  • Tone your face. This removes any excess dirt you missed while washing. I use Thayers Witch Hazel Alcohol Free Toner.

  • Depending what the mask says, pat your face dry or leave it damp.

  • If you can, shower before you use your mask. The heat opens your pores! You can also steam your face prior as well.

  • Apply your mask. You can use your clean fingers or a bristle brush or a silicone brush.

  • Leave on for X amount of time, then wash your mask off with warm water, not hot water.

  • Retone and complete daily or bedtime skincare routine.


Now you're ready to learn about these 4 masks! All info is below! You can click through on the numbered product and/or the product image. If the image won't click through, just refresh the page and it should work like a charm!


1) Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Full Strength

Price: $48

Certifications for This Product: Cruelty Free, Vegan, Nontoxic, Organic

Coloring: Caramel

Scent: Apple Cider Vinegar

Main Ingredients: Malic Acid, Apple juice, Aloe Leaf Juice, Sunflower Oil

Application: Apply for 10 minutes, 1-2 nights a week, NIGHT ONLY

About the Brand: Made quite literally out of organic juice, Juice Beauty lets nature do what nature does best! JB was developed when a soon to be mom starting taking note of the chemicals and unneeded ingredients in skincare and how it could affect her unborn child.

What it is supposed to do: Exfoliate and even skin tone and aid in discoloration and dark spots

My thoughts and what I like about it: I have been using Juice Beauty for almost a year now! I heard about them because they reached out to me on LMents of Style and asked if they could send me product. Since then, I have been hooked! (I did buy this mask myself, though) I love the brand and its make up and skincare lines! In regard to this mask, I liked it a lot. My esthetician Amanda at 11 Wellness recommended it to me. My skin felt tighter and more plump after just one use! I wish I could use it in the morning, but I understand why I shouldn't. It does give a slight tingling sensation (I want to say slight burning sensation as sensation as well, but that is kind of a scary word...); however, this is normal and quickly subsides.

Sister Products: Green Apple Peel Sensitive, made for sensitive skin

Price: $58

Certifications for This Product: Cruelty Free, Vegan, Nontoxic

Coloring: Rose-y

Scent: Roses

Main Ingredients: Aloe Leaf Juice, Willow Bark Extract

Application: Apply for 15-30 minutes, 2-3 days in a row, then just 1-2 times weekly, DAY OR NIGHT

About the Brand: Tata Harper is an industry leader in clean skincare. She actually grows most of her ingredients at her farm in Vermont! Move over farm-to-table dining - farm-to-beauty skincare is here!

What it is supposed to do: Enhance your skin's radiance by eliminating dull skin and blemishes

My thoughts and what I like about it: I heard about this brand from my friend Beth, at work. She used to be a beauty buyer for Neiman Marcus and told me this was one of her favorite, natural brands. This mask is very cooling and relaxing. I love the scent and how it makes my skin feel. It immediately softens! I also like that I can use this day or night. 

Sister Products: Tata Harper Clarifying Mask, made for blemish prone skin

Price: $48

Certifications for This Product: Vegan, Nontoxic, Cruelty Free

Coloring: Light Pink

Scent: Pineapple Smoothie

Main Ingredients: Pineapple and Papaya Enzymes, Rice Powder, Brazilian White Tourmaline Gemstone

Application: Apply for 15-20 minutes (only 5 minutes if you have sensitive skin), use it 3 nights in a row, then only 2-3 nights per week, NIGHT ONLY

About the Brand: It was founded by a husband and wife out of Seattle! They look to nature's produce and their oils to take care of their skin. When they realized that what you put on your skin soaks into your body, they knew they had to create something better -better for your skin and better for your overall health.

What it is supposed to do: Illuminate and energize skin, while gently exfoliating

My thoughts and what I like about it: I found out about Herbivore by reading Goop's blog. If I was going to choose to eat a face mask, this would be it! Out of these 4, this was probably my favorite scent, because it didn't really smell like a mask at all. This was an interesting mask, because it tingled...kind of like a good scalp massage with peppermint oil does? It doesn't tingle like a normal mask, but I liked it because it actually made me feel physically refreshed-both mind and body. I think it made my skin look good as well.

Sister Products: Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask, made for blemish prone skin

Price: $48

Certifications for This Product: Vegan, Nontoxic, Cruelty Free, Organic

Coloring: Sand-ish

Scent: Mud - like a typical clay mask

Main Ingredients: White Marine Algae, White Tea, Resveratrol

Application: 10-20 minutes, twice a week, can leave on overnight

About the Brand: Out of Malibu, California and inspired by the love and healing properties of the sea. Made with seaweed from Patagonia and other naturally sourced and harvested ingredients.

What it is supposed to do: Age-Defying Mask that Brightens, Plumps and Tones

My thoughts and what I like about it: I learned about this brand from my friend Jourdan of Beauty & Her! I love how it is a family oriented company that has created a brand to help others with clean skincare. I enjoyed wearing the mask - it felt nice and very relaxing. When I woke up the next day, my nose was kind of dry and peely. I mentioned it to Jourdan and she said I should wait and try it out again when it is warmer. I tried it last week when it was 13ish degrees and Dallas, which wasn't a great idea, considering clay masks are made to be absorbent...If your skin is already dry/it is frigid outside, chances are that your skin might come out a little peely. Will report back once I use it again!

*UPDATE on Osea Malibu Algae Mask* I re-tried it May 2018, in the summertime and it worked really well. No peeling whatsoever. I think my peeliness was from the mask coupled with dehydrated skin during the winter months. Skin is traditionally more oily in the summer, which is what the algae mask is good at getting rid of, without stripping the skin. This will be in my rotation this summer, for sure!

Sister Products: Red Algae Mask, made for blemish prone skin


Sooo, what's my favorite? That's hard. I think Juice Beauty and Herbivore are my favorite, but I love that I can get up and glow with Tata Harper's! I picture myself using Juice Beauty for a "me-night", Herbivore for a "girl's night", and Tata Harper for a "Saturday morning wake-up routine". Just like you have 3-4 pair jeans, each one has their special place! I truly don't think I used OSEA Malibu at the right time, hence the crazy Dallas weather. I look forward to using it this spring and summer!

I also recently tried Farmacy's Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask. It was interesting because it goes on golden like honey, but you lather it up and it not only changes to a white color, but is a warming mask. My skin was still warm after I used it, so not sure if I liked that, but I'd try it again. Obviously not vegan, but nontoxic and cruelty free. I also recently got a sample of Fresh's Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask. I have heard great things about it, but hesitate to use it, because they sell in Mainland China. I have contacted them several times about animal cruelty and their policy (Because it is SO confusing), but have never heard back. Their products are all nontoxic and fresh, hence their name, so that is a shame. I also have my eye on the Ursa Major Bright and Easy 3 Minute Flash Mask. Anyone tried that one?! It's nontoxic and cruelty free!

Do you have any favorite cruelty free and nontoxic face masks? Let me know! I love learning about brands and trying out new products! If you liked this post, let me know! I would love to keep doing these, as it's something I've become pretty passionate about!

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