Blah Blah Black Skirt

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Baldwin Prairie Floral Silk Shirt | Loft Rosette Jacquard Shift Skirt | Chinese Laundry Kelso Booties | Cuyana Mini Tassel Bag | Baublebar Persian Feather Earrings | NYX Lipstick

I shot this look without knowing what I was really gonna say about it or talk about in general in the post, which is kind of the most backwards thing I could have done. I shot it because I got feedback from y'all that you wanted to see more work wear (I mentioned why I hadn't in a while in this previous post) and this skirt was/is on sale for 50% off (only $30!), so I knew y'all would love it! But, gone are the days where I would say things like "here's a skirt and I like it and it's on sale" - because yes, I used to do something along the lines of that. Not as minimal, but you catch my drift. 

This has kind of been a blah week. Nothing extremely horrible has happened - Elliot got a double ear infection, I found out someone has been targeting and stealing certain packages at my apartment complex since the fall, it's extremely cold and I'm beyond tired...BUT things could be worse. I can't complain. Who else feels me?! Blogging while working another full time job is no joke. I've spoken about this before, but geeze louise.  Don't get me wrong, I love both jobs, but it makes it hard to do all the other things you need to do in life, ya know like eating, sleeping, and working out. (lol) I prepared for success this week by meal prepping and such, but tonight I got home and immediately sat on the couch, which I pretty much never do. Sooo yeah. Friday couldn't get here soon enough!

Last night I was checking emails before bed, like you SHOULDN'T do, and got an email from Fohr Card. They have been sending 2017 year in review emails and this one was on growth. I opened the PDF and it said I had grown 1% for 2017. ONE PERCENT. lol @instagram. For the record I grew from 25.3k followers to 25.6k followers. The kicker? I actually just dropped down to 25.5k this week, but that's nothing new. I don't do crazy international giveaways, I don't use bots - I just follow and comment naturally and genuinely.  Like really?! I watched one of Courtney Kerr's instastories and she actually reminded me what I already knew. Focus on what you own! (aka not Instagram - it will always change) For me (and her), that "thing" that I should focus on is my blog. LMents of Style. What you are reading right now! Despite Instagram's crazy algorithm and messed up notions, I have been able to increase my blog traffic and revenue as a whole. If I focus on what I can't change, that takes away steam from what I can change. This theory can apply to anyone and anything in your life, so don't forget it. Focus on what is yours and make it the best it can be. The end. 

Thank you so much for reading LMents of Style. Thank you for commenting and asking for me to cover things. Thank you for trusting me with suggestions. Thank you for letting me have my corner of the internet. Happy almost weekend, y'all! XOXO

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