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Easy Skincare Routine for a Guy

Easy Skincare Routine for a Guy

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What is it with guys and skincare? Okay most guys and skincare? It’s like they have an aversion to it! I’ve been begging Nick to please try and take care of his skin and I finally got him to somewhat commit to a routine. The key? Make it easy and attainable! I’ve been trying to find some good products for Nick, but trying to find cruelty-free and nontoxic options for guys is as hard as it is for girls! As of now, I pretty much have my go-to CF and NT brands, so I was able to find some good products within my favorites!

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Ursa Major Shave Cream | Ursa Major Face Balm | Primally Pure Everything Spray** | Primally Pure Charcoal Deodorant **

** Get 10% off anything Primally Pure w/code ELLEMULENOS

Face wash?? Sometimes I can get Nick to wash his face. (with my favorite cleansing oil), but most days, that’s a no. So what does he use? Primally Pure Everything Spray. (get 10% off w/ code ELLEMULENOS) I’ve been singing everything spray’s praises for a while now. It’s something I personally use and wrote a whole blog post on it here. It can be used for a lot of things, but I use it as a toner! Nick uses it as a toner, which helps cleanse /balance his face, but it’s also great for his beard! He sometimes gets dry patches/irritated areas within his beard and it helps keep that at bay. He also puts it on his neck, as it helps with ingrown hairs/shaving.

AllSaints Sweater

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to look for a nontoxic shaving cream (rating 2 or less by EWG) , but it’s hard! I finally found Ursa Major Shave Cream and love it! And yes I say love it, because I use it too! It’s not too runny and it lathers nicely. Great for girls AND guys. I have been using Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream as my moisturizer since last fall, but had no idea they made a shave cream until this past December when I noticed it in a gift set. Thank goodness for online Christmas shopping ;)

No smelly after-shave here except a good moisturizer! Nick uses Ursa Major Face Balm after he shaves / when his skin is feeling dry. It’s light and easy to wear, which is something that is somewhat hard to find in moisturizers. I love mine, but it is a little on the thicker side and has an interesting scent from its natural products. A great option for men or those who can’t do scents, even when they are natural.

Anddd deodorant! Maybe not a true skincare product, but one that is important if you’re trying to go nontoxic. I’ve tried a lot of natural deodorants and Primally Pure Charcoal Deodorant (get 10% off w/code ELLEMULENOS) is my favorite! I’m suggesting it because it’s kind of manly looking/doesn’t have a girly scent ;) Nick and I both use it! If you have trouble adjusting, try armpit detoxing. (yes I made Nick do it) You can also use the Primally Pure Everything Spray as a detox too!

A couple extra notes? Nick sometimes gets on a face mask kick (I do a couple a week - he maybe does 1 every couple of months). BUT his favorite happens to be my favorite too. The One Love Organics Charcoal Mask is THE best. Nick doesn’t wear sunscreen as much as I do, but he will wear it if we are out in the sun, etc. We both wear Biossance SPF 45!

Does the guy in your life avoid skincare routines like the plague? Or maybe he has come to the good side?! What are some of his cruelty-free and nontoxic picks? Maybe he might take a liking to some of Nick’s picks!

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