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Where to Stay in Boulder: Hotel Boulderado

Where to Stay in Boulder: Hotel Boulderado

Thank you to Hotel Boulderado for collaborating with me! All opinions are my own.

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In all of my 27 years of life I had never been to Colorado except to the airport. Already making dreams happen this new year and checking CO off of my bucket list! Now I’m just adding it to my “do more of” list ;) This January I got the opportunity to review Hotel Boulderado and naturally I jumped at the chance! With the desire to visit the mile high city + surrounding areas, plus the fact that some of our best friends live there, I just couldn’t say no! We flew into Denver late last weekend and made our short journey to Boulder.

The new front of the hotel - the original was on the side!

Hotel Boulderado is less than an hour from the Denver airport and is only a short walk to the quaint downtown. I want to talk about all the amenities and such, but before that I HAVE to talk about the rich history Hotel Boulderado has.

Staircase + the beautiful stained glass ceiling.

The original front desk - you can see where the keys were and the original safe!

The original water fountain that still flows from the Arapahoe Glacier!

This January Hotel Boulderado celebrated its 110th birthday! It was the first boutique hotel built in Boulder and not only a local Boulder landmark, but is recognized by Historic Hotels of America and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places! What makes Hotel Boulderado special is that they have updated / made the hotel more modern, but kept the rich history where they could. One of my favorite things that they kept was the original Otis elevator, with an attendant to boot! They literally pull the lever for you whenever you need a lift! They also have a mini-museum on the 3rd floor, which they have deemed the historic wing. You can walk through and read all about the hotel from its history, to time period references, and even what special guests often visited! Oh and don’t forget to try out the water fountain that flows straight from the Arapahoe Glacier. It still works!

I LOVE these chairs!

These phones still work too! The one I am using calls within the hotel and the other calls you a taxi!

Like I mentioned Nick and I arrived late last Friday and had the privilege of waking up to the mountain air AND breakfast at Spruce Farm and Fish. They serve food that in season and that represents the local area! If brunch is a little early for ya, don’t worry. They serve lunch, happy hour, and dinner! Though if a cocktail is what you have a hankering for, just one sec! Back to the restaurant, the hotel has had a restaurant since inception! Let’s just say it’s a little different now, than back then;) It was originally more of a mens only smoke/ drink type restaurant. The times have changed!

Our bedroom - I love the bedspread!

Our balcony that looks over downtown!

Back to the alcohol… Hotel Boulderado actually has 3 options for you to enjoy a cocktail! Spruce, as mentioned above, License No. 1 and The Corner Bar! You can find the latter 2 under the hotel! From live music, to comedy, these are your local watering holes! License No. 1 is aptly named, as it was one of the first liquor licenses received after prohibition. The Corner Bar is more of a pub, but you can’t go wrong with either! I didn’t get many photos, as it is pretty dark / no light, BUT we could have stayed down there for hours. If only those walls could talk!

Breakfast at Spruce Farm and Fish - the restaurant located within Hotel Boulderado!

I couldn’t get over this chair in the historic wing!

The secret language of fans!

Portrait of the local debutante Honey Bee!

More of the historic wing.

Let’s talk location… yes Nick and I rented a car, BUT as long as you have a ride from the airport to HB, you honestly don’t need a car. We either explored the hotel/its offerings, or made our walk to Pearl Street Mall. Saturday we pretty much walked the whole thing and never got bored! Plus, if we needed to rest, we just hopped back over to Hotel Boulderado and took a nap. There are all kinds of ways to pass the time within walking distance -from shops to restaurants and don’t forget a splendid view of the mountains.

License No 1 Bar in the bottom of Hotel Boulderado!

Hotel Boulderado was a delight to stay at and I couldn’t recommend it more! They have a 24 hour front desk and the staff were just wonderful to be around. It always felt like they were going above and beyond and in the sweetest way. From chocolates on your pillow, to fresh spring bottled water on the table. They didn’t just care about us, but the environment as well! HB has won many green awards and strives to consider the environment in addition to their guests. From recycling to food sharing programs, they do it all.

The gorgeous lobby.

Have you ever been to Hotel Boulderado? What was your favorite part?! Honestly I don’t think I could name just one! Also I typically don’t include this many images in a post, but I felt like there were so many good things to show and I didn’t want to leave anything out!

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Thank you to Hotel Boulderado for collaborating with me! All opinions are my own.

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