Let's Go Places w/ Toyota Sequoia

Thank you to Toyota for collaborating with me. All opinions are my own.

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I’m a SUV girl. Always have been, always will be. Right before I graduated from college, my car was totaled and I had to drive a small sedan for a month. It was horrible. I couldn’t fit much in the car and I didn’t like driving on I-35 with it. 18 wheelers are scary! Anyway, I haven’t driving a tiny car since! (I have driven Nick’s car, but it is a larger sedan and I feel fine in it.)

Whenever we travel, my rental car preferences aren’t much different. I like enough space for my luggage, in additoin to preferring to be higher up on the road. Annnd as of a couple of years ago, I 100% request 4 wheel drive, depending on where we are going. I learned the hard way back in 2016. We took day trip from Sacramento to Tahoe and had to buy chains and triple our drive time to make it through the snow storm.

On our recent trip to Colorado, Toyota was nice enough to let us borrow a 2019 Sequoia. We were driving from Denver to Boulder and had planned a couple hikes here and there, but nothing crazy. Because it was still winter and Boulder definitely gets snow in January, 4 wheel drive was a non-negotiable for me. For that reason, the Sequoia just made sense!

Nick is definitely into cars. I’m not a car girl. Pretty sure I told Nick on our first date that cars didn’t impress me and they were dumb. (maybe not quite as harsh, buuuut something along the lines of that.) That being said, The Toyota Sequoia is a beautiful car. (and that’s coming from a non-car person!) I LOVED the height of the vehicle. It made me feel safe. (well that + the 4 wheel drive;) ) The outside was just as sleek as the inside - pretty, but definitely perfect for any terrain. Y’all know how I am all about versatility in clothing? I like versatility in all aspects of life - even cars! Plus, it drives smooth as butter and low road noise. #thankyouverymuch

So whether you’re looking for a good car to rent for your family road trip or just looking for a new addition to the garage, the Toyota Sequoia is a great option! Have you ever driven one? Thoughts?!

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Thank you to Toyota for collaborating with me. All opinions are my own.