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White Elephant Gift Ideas under $50

White Elephant Gift Ideas under $50

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First of all, what do y'all call White Elephant Gift Exchanges? Chinese Gift Exchanges? White Elephant? I know some people call it Dirty Santa, which I just cannot bring myself to do. The only people I've ever met who call it that are from Arkansas so, prove me wrong?!

This year I had more white elephant parties to go to than normal and was stuck on ideas. Well, kind of.  I know how to gift girls, but when it is co-ed I get a little fuzzy. Luckily, there's only one way you can go wrong with white elephant...giving a bad gift. I refuse to participate in ones that are gag gifts only. (I will say I went to a few in college and my best one ever was one my accounting teacher threw. I found a picture of him on Facebook and purposely awkwardly cropped it and let it stay pixely. I put it in a frame and off I went. It was hilarious.) The best rule of thumb is to never give a white elephant gift that you wouldn't want to take home with you, aka don't give bad gifts. If anything, maybe buy something fun that someone most likely won't spend money on themselves!

I had some ideas, but polled y'all to make sure my ideas were good and to see what y'alls favorite white elephant gifts were! Overall, don't overthink it. The basic gifts usually win. Here's some ideas for you divided into 3 sections - home, self care, and tools. Enjoy!

You can click the collage above and be taken directly to the item. You can also click through more options via the widgets below! There's one per category. Whether it is the widgets or the collage above, if they won't click through, just refresh the page and they will!



Candle. I mean, CAN you go wrong with this? The Nest 8 oz candles are $40, the Rewined 11 oz candles are $29, the 19oz Capri Blue Volcano candles are $28, and the Madewell 11oz tin candles are only $20! There is such thing as a bad candle, so be careful!

Blanket. I'm  not sure you can have enough fuzzy blankets. Microfleece blankets are always a good idea and usually come in a range of colors.

Electric Blanket. This was one of y'alls ideas! It's one of those things you didn't know you needed;)

Letter Board or Lightbox. This is one of those trendy things that is just fun, that you probably wouldn't buy yourself. Make them say Merry Christmas or happy birthday! These look especially good on bar cards and in kitchen areas.

Coffee Mug. This seams overdone, but there are ways to make it fun! Include your favorite bag of coffee beans or a Starbucks gift card! You could also include fun gadgets like a mug warmer and/or a mug holder!

White Elephant. Again, this was a great recommendation from y'all! A stone elephant is beautiful and can be used as a paperweight of source. Plus, it's funny without being tacky!



Humidifier. I have been sleeping with a humidifier every night for over a year now! I have actually brought one to a white elephant party before, along with some lavender oil, because let's face it, everyone could use some relaxing;) 

Socks. Seems silly, but there are some really great socks out there. When was the last time you bought yourself a good pair of socks?! I love the funny ones that say "$10 limit", but the other fuzzy ones are wonderful too. Maybe pair it with some lotion or one of the callus rollers, for a foot therapy package? 

Backnobber. I asked for this for Christmas a couple years ago and it is such an amazing tool! You can use it to get pressure points in your back and neck, creating amazing relief!

Face Masks Grab some of your favorite face masks and make a girls basket out of it! Maybe pair it with a bottle of wine and some nail polish, for a girls night in! Side note, you could also do this for guys...maybe it's a video game and a 6 pack!

Squatty Potty. This was from the genius minds of y'all - it's for sure something you are intrigued by and may not purchase yourself. Just add some Poo-Pourri!



Amazon Echo Dot. Nick and I have the Amazon Alexa, and we love it. This is a great way to get to the know the system and see if you want to get the larger one. It's also a great way to use Amazon Alexa in more than one room!

Water Infuser. Flavored water is becoming more and more popular. It's especially great for those who don't like the taste of water. Plus, you can get this as a water infuser pitcher or individual water bottles.

Smoothie Maker. Something you don't know you need until you have it;) This is a great little tool that is useful and not something you want to chunk in the trash as soon as you get it!

Big O Keychain. I've had this keychain for several months now and it is life changing! It keeps my hands free, and is chic.

Ultrasonic Jewelry and Eyeglass Cleaner. I have this and LOVE it. I use it to clean my diamonds, but it is also great for cleaning glasses! Just pair it with a microfiber cleaning cloth, and it is perfect!

Jewelry Travel Case. Everyone needs this, whether they are just taking their heavy earrings off in the care, or are a jet setter. Maybe put a little costume jewelry in there as a surprise too!

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