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December Favorites

December Favorites

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Score! I got my monthly favorites out before we are halfway through the month;) If you are new to this series, I have been rounding up my top 10 favorite items on a monthly basis. I love doing this, because it's not just fashion! Click here to see my October Favorites and my November Favorites.

Remember,  you can click through the above collage! Everything but the kombucha should link, but If it won't let you, just refresh the page and it should work like a charm. I'm also going to go product by product below and hyperlink the product link to the name. Here we go!

1) Mark and Graham Leather Charger Roll Up. My parents got Nick this for Christmas last year and it is one of his favorite things! It's great for your every day work bag, but is especially wonderful for traveling this season. When you wrap your chargers up correctly, their lifespan is longer AND you know excactly where they are;)

2) Vulken Vibrating Foam Roller. This will change your foam rolling life! I have done some research and the "industry leader" costs $200 and has some bad reviews about charge time and efficiency. This one is only $80 and comes pre-charged! It has 4 settings of vibration speed and it helps so much. I have awful IT bands, knees, and inner thighs. This helps me stretch and prep for a work out so well and in record time!

3) Vince Warren Slip-On Sneakers. I just got these after my friend Lauren told me they were amazing. There is a little bit of sticker shock, BUT they are so comfy and you can walk for hours. I'll pay a little bit more for a shoe that doesn't give me blisters ANY day. If you want a similar pair, these Steve Madden slip-ons are similar and less than half the price!

4) Eucerin Baby Eczema Body Creme. Sensitive skin isn't something I'd say I had, but I have had my fair share of weird skin reactions. As a younger kid, I had eczema on the opposite side of my elbow, and then when I was in middle school I had staff in my armpits, as well as impetigo on my back. Anyway, last year around this time, I got eczema on my feet. I would get tiny blisters on the inside of my heel, which would itch, then pop, and cause my entire foot to peel. I tried two different steroids, with the latter working but I didn't really want to use a steroid for the rest of my life. I recently found this Eucerin Baby Eczema Body Creme and it is life changing! It works so well. Whether you are a baby or not, this product is awesome. I have been using Eucerin my whole life, but have never seen this product until now. It's perfect for dry winter skin! 

5) Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Perfume. I bought this perfume as my "wedding scent", but have continued to wear it as my signature scent! I love Jo Malone and the entire line! The perfumes can actually be mixed together to create a truly unique personal scent. I just use the wood sage and sea salt and I LOVE it. I also appreciate that the brand expands the offering to hand wash, hand lotion, and a candle. I love to purchase the smaller size of the perfume, because it doesn't weigh down my purse and is airplane carry-on friendly!

6) e.l.f. Baked Highlighter. With all of your holiday parties coming up, your makeup needs to be on point! I adore this highlighter from e.l.f. The hue I wear is moonlight pearl. I brush it under my eyes, the top of my nose and on my shoulders/chest. I also really like that it is vegan!

7) Cuyana Mini-Jewelry Holder. Y'all know I love Cuyana. I recently received the mini-jewelry holder and can't remember packing for a trip, or even just packing my gym back, before it! It holds my earrings in line, so I'm not fishing for them and has a cute little drawstring pouch for the rest of your items. It doesn't have ring slots, but you could slide them on your earring rack or put them in the pouch. There is also a larger sized jewelry holder available. If you want a lower priced option, Mark and Graham makes a jewelry case too! See the other Cuyana products I love here.

8) Buddha's Brew Kombucha. I have a current obsession with kombucha. If you are unfamiliar with kombucha, it is a fermented tea. My current favorite brand is Buddha's Brew, made in Austin, TX. Their basil honey ginger flavor is my FAVE. I buy it at whole foods. I also really like Bare Bucha, made in Waco, TX. It is tasty and filled with live cultures and probiotics that are good for me.

9) Biofreeze. This isn't anything new to LMents of Style. I have been using the product for years and have talked about it frequently on my platform. November/December is one of my busy seasons and that means migraines and headaches are my prominent. Biofreeze is a lifesaver! I just put it on my neck and I get instant relief. I also love putting it on my lower back to ease pain as well. Read more about my love of biofreeze here.

10) Nest Holiday Candle. I love me some holiday candles and Nest's holiday scent is hard to beat. Definitely at least get the 8 oz version. I recently bought the tiny candle and it burns so much faster than the 8 oz or larger.

Do you have any favorite things right now? Let me know so  I can try them out and possibly feature them in my Janaury favorites!

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