Navigating Finances with Frost Bank Pt. 2

Thanks to my friends at Frost Bank for sponsoring this blog post! All opinions are my own.

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Today it finally felt like December in Dallas! There was a chill in the air, along with a fiery scent, that made me want a s'more real' bad! Something else that is often times associated with the winter months besides colder weather (and a sweater that might fit a little tighter than last year), is a tighter wallet. Tis the season for giving, but give too much (of monetary value or yourself for that matter) and you'll be in a real pickle.

As I mentioned here, this year is mine and Nick's first "focused" Christmas, meaning that last year was so crazy after getting married, moving, and traveling for Thanksgiving, we didn't get to truly enjoy the holiday. This year we are ahead of the game! We had the Christmas decor up before December even hit, and most gifts are currently under the tree, wrapped and ready! 

Gift giving is definitely a sport. There are rules and regulations, let me tell ya! Nick and I won all of our present battles though, thanks to Frost Bank;) If you recall, about a month ago, I published Part 1 of Navigating Finances with Frost Bank. They offer exceptional services and programs for regular people like you and me! I was super excited about how they could help  me and Nick with joint bank accounts, prioritizing finances, and budget following. Well, here are are 30ish days later and we are on track! So, what tips do I have to share for helping you in line this winter when it comes to the art of hosting and buying for others?

1) Make a list. So you have an idea of who all you need gifts for. Sometimes this is just a preliminary list that you edit later. Be sure to also include any things you might need to buy for a party, hosting it or not.

2) Check it twice. You don't want to forget anyone - that's embarrassing. Santa doesn't do this for nothing!

3) Create a budget. Know your budget overall, then take your list and guesstimate your max and min expenditures for each. You're ready for the fun part!

4) STICK TO IT. This is the hardest part. In the day and age where it's more inconvenient not to have a plastic card to swipe, it actually can be harder to budget because of those wonderful little things! BUT, with Frost Bank, they can remind you what you're spending whether you are under for the week or maybe got a little carried away. Their cell phone app is on point, but I love how they work with the Apple Watch! It's a great reminder and I love how it keeps me accountable with Nick!

5) Enjoy the smiles. All the warm and fuzzies! You don't want to be stressed out about money in the best time of the year. They're happy, you're happy, and your bank account is happy.

Do you have any tips for sticking with budgets, especially during the holidays? Learning how to navigate finances alone can be brutal, not to mention trying to get on the same page as another human being who you happen to be married too! If you need assistance, try looking into Frost Bank! Whether it's just phone notifications or guidance from a  voice on the other end of the line, you're golden!


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Thanks to my friends at Frost Bank for sponsoring this blog post! All opinions are my own.