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What to Wear in San Francisco

What to Wear in San Francisco

Splendid La Stripe Tunic Dress | J. Brand Maria Jeans | Warby Parker Glasses | Black Cardigan | Kendra Scott Earrings | Brown Booties

First off, let me say I'm definitely writing this piece from experience. Not that I don't usually do that...but I'm writing it as a LEARNING experience today. aka I messed up (hah) If you're new to my San Francisco journey, catch up with these posts: Where to Stay in San FranciscoWhere to get Coffee in San FranciscoThe Perfect Tourist Outfit, Top 10 Packing Hacks and 24 hours in Napa.

I have been to San Francisco before, but I don't remember it, because it was over 20 years ago. Almost a year ago, I went to San Diego for the first time and assumed that the weather would similar/the same. Well...you know what happens when you assume things. Needless to say I was chilly. We visited early July, which in Texas, means that you're going to be sweating. In San Francisco, it means you're going to have goose bumps. My California boy thought it felt wonderful, but he's a big dude and has a normal uniform of long sleeve, button down shirts, with the sleeves rolled up, jeans and sperries. Well, either that, or a suit. Let's just say I don't.

Anyway, so here are my tips while for packing for San Francisco:

1) Layer well. I did this and that was my saving grace. I brought several scarves, some cozy cardigans and my denim jacket. Tunics rock, because you can wear pants with them, then shuck them off, once it warms up. Dress for the in-between and you'll be good. Think a camisole, with a light cardigan, and a jacket over that. That's what you need to aim for! You can always take it off; you can't put something back on you never wore/brought with you in the first place.

2) Get to know your accessories. Like I mentioned above, bring scarves! They can make all the difference in the world! In Texas we don't have to truly layer, so things like thin sweaters are a must, and sometimes even they aren't enough!

3) Black is in.  I was thinking oh, beachy like San Diego! No. It's a completely different vibe, even though it's still on the water. It felt more "Dallas" to me than San Diego. I wish I would have known that when packing! 

4) Flats are a good idea. Okay so, you're probably going to be walking a lot, plus there are large hills. Just don't bring heels, okay? The pairs I brought  only came out when I was taking blog photos. I lived in these booties and tennis shoes. I promise, you don't need anything else!

5) At least have your legs or arms covered, if you're not going to do both. Balance your outfit, my friends. If the sun was out, I was okay wearing shorts (in the summer) and a top, with a jacket. In the morning and at night I was kind of uncomfortable, but for day wear, it was fine!

6) Forget everything above, if you are going to Napa Valley. But, for real. When we went, I wore jeans while we were in the city and while we drove, but as soon as we entered the valley, I changed into shorts. It's warmer there, so you'll be able to dress a little differently.


Here's what I brought for 4 day trip:

 2 Cardigans

1 Pair of Jeans

1 Pair of Booties

3 Tunics

2 Scarves

1 Pair of Tennis Shoes

2 Camisoles

2 Dresses

1 Pair of Flat Sandals

(of course I brought other things for the sake of shooting them for y'all, but they weren't necessary! Obviously didn't include undergarments, workout clothes and such!)


What to drive in San Francisco: Okay, so this isn't technically part of my advertised post, but I worked with Cadillac for my rental car. They gave me an Escalade (c/o) and omg it was the perfect car. People thought I was crazy for driving an Escalade in such a big, trafficy city, but honestly I loved it! The car was amazing and I loved being so high up on such busy roads. I obviously valeted it at the hotel, but didn't have any trouble parking it other places. If I knew parking would be an issue in general, I just ubered.  If you're looking for a car, or a rental car, get this one! It's my golden standard from now on!

Long story short, in the end, I was fine, because I did pack in layers...just had to wear jeans a lot more, than the cute bottoms I brought. The long weekend we were there was extra foggy, so I didn't even get a great view of Golden Gate until the day we left. When the fog lifted and the sun shone through? I was fine. Just be aware of your surroundings and the predicted weather. If you are used to warmer climates like I am, you are better safe than sorry.

Have you ever been to San Francisco? What are your packing tips regarding its weather?

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