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Travel Guide: San Francisco in a Weekend

Travel Guide: San Francisco in a Weekend

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This past July, Nick and I went to San Francisco, and met up with his family. I had only been one other time, so we tried to hit all the important things. We were there a little over 3 days, so we definitely crammed as much as we could into each and every day! If you're just now tacking onto our adventure, you can catch up, with these reads: Where to Stay in San FranciscoWhere to get Coffee in San FranciscoThe Perfect Tourist Outfit, Top 10 Packing Hacks24 hours in Napaand What to Wear in San Francisco.

Anyway, hang on to your hats, because here I go on the top things to do in San Francisco, even on a weekend trip! I'd urge you to make a  list of things you HAVE to do, things you'd like to do, and things you don't really care about doing this trip. Chances are, you won't get to do everything, but hopefully you will have gotten through your "must see" list!

1) Ride the San Francisco Cable Car. I mean, how iconic, right? You just have to do this. I couldn't get The Frey's Cable Car lyrics out of my head though... Tip: Get on at a stop that isn't the main one, and you can usually nab a standing/holding position. Now, don't just go stand at the very next stop, because the won't help; however, you catch my drift....

2) Visit Lombard Street. Another icon of San Fran, this is the craziest street, with the sickest views! We walked it, but you can drive it if you dare, or even this little tiny go-cart like vehicles and drive those up the street!

3) Drink an Irish Coffee at Buena Vista Cafe. Okay, so I don't really drink coffee and I don't like whisky, but I LOVED these. It's probably the fresh cream that does the trick, but man, these were so tasty. Not a lot of space...mainly because they are so popular, but it's worth the wait, or stand ;)

4) Eat a sundae at Ghiradelli Square. I'm a chocoholic, so Nick wanted to make sure I got here. We split the sea salt caramel sundae it was the bomb! The perfect way to "chill" after a long day! Plus, they give out free chocolate samples!

5) Walk around Fisherman's Wharf. To walk off all the food you're eating...but really! We actually ate at Alioto's and had a drink at the the Franciscan Crab - would recommend both!

6) Walk around Pier 39.  Again, to walk off your yummies, but also to explore the fun stores and such. It's fun during the day time and at night.

7) Eat at Dottie's for brunch and Tartine's Bakery for lunch. Just do it. Pictures from Tartine's are on this post.

8) Snap a picture at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. Well, get a coffee and a cruffin, too. But do it for the Instagram, for sure! Some pictures are here. I mean how else will anyone know if you got baked in San Francisco?!

9) Venture to Napa for the day. This is one of those things to decide if it is worth your time. It would be kind of silly to just go for an hour and turn back - it's better to make a day of it. This was important to us, so we spent all Friday in The Valley. See what we did during our 24 hours in Napa, here.

10) Tour Alcatraz. Okay, so this was on my "I don't have to do this" list, so we didn't even budget time for it. Maybe next time? It's cool, but there were other things I'd rather do!

11) Explore the Muir Woods. Honestly, my favorite little detour! The redwoods are just stunning!! See some of my photos from this excursion, here. I've sung about these babies since I learned the words to "This Land is Your Land", but can't believe I finally got to see them. It is SO calming and such an amazing experience. 

12) Sing the Full House theme song at the Painted Ladies. You know, those pretty houses and that 90's show with The Olsen Twins? It's going to be a sad day when kids don't know this show! At least they have Fuller House now? When we went, they were renovating the park that is in front of the houses, so we weren't able to get as great of a picture, but it was still so worth it!

13) Go to Union Square and shop. I wish we would have had more time here. There are a lot of stores I love that have actual brick and mortar stores here, that they don't have elsewhere, like Minted and Sugarfina. Also, the Neiman Marcus is gorgeous!!

14) Bask in Golden Gate park. I wish we would have had more relaxing time, but it was still a great trip, don't get me wrong...This park would have been the perfect place to sit and read a book. It also has the conservatory of flowers and a carousel! 

15) Walk, drive, run, stand on Golden Gate bridge and take your picture! Another "duh" on this list, but needed to be said. I didn't get to see much of the bridge since it was so overcast and cloudy, but the little time I did get to see it, it was a sight to see! Might as well check out the Presidio while you're over there, too.

16) Weird out at Haight-Ashbury. This was THE center of the 1960s hippie movement, as it was the HQ of The Summer of Love during the Civil Rights Movement, circa 1967. It definitely still has those vibes today, so I can only imagine the goodies you can find there. We drove through it, but weren't able to stop and visit any of the shops. Next time!


Okay, so obviously there are other great things to do, but did I miss anything on your "must see"list, when visiting San Francisco? Would love to add to my itinerary for next time! This is my last California post, so say adios, for now! On to San Antonio, and then Saint Lucia in 2-ish months!!

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