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What to Wear in Mexico City

What to Wear in Mexico City

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Not to say I don’t worry what to wear / pack on other vacations, but I had straight up anxiety about what to wear in Mexico City. I researched it a little bit and everything I read said to dress conservatively and somewhat European. What? In Mexico? So no bright colors and sundresses like Cancun or Cabo?! Yep. You got it. I figured I’d write a post for y’all about it, because I couldn’t find a realistic post regarding things a 20 something wears! Not to mention I had to pack everything in a carry-on, but that’s another post for another day. Side note- some of y’alls favorite posts of mine are What to Wear in San Francisco and What to Wear Wine Tasting.

I don’t know…I suppose you can wear whatever you want, but I like to somewhat dress accordingly and of the culture. Also, when I go somewhere like Mexico I’d rather not stand out like a tourist, ya know? ANYWAY, we went to Mexico City in February and the weather was amazing. In the mornings and evenings, it was high 40s/low 50s, but then the sun came out in the afternoon and it was more like warm 70s! This usually peaked at 3pm and then got gradually cooler as the evening went on and the sun went away.

Madewell Tie Front Top | Madewell Danny Wash Jeans | Madewell Cape Scarf | Vince Warren Slides

This top is a sweater-like material, so on the warmer side, but still breathable! Annnnnd the poncho doubles as a scarf!

American Eagle Off the Shoulder Top | Madewell Black Skinny Jeans | Madewell Loafers | Kendra Scott Paxton Hoop Earrings | Ilia Lipstick: Rosette

This top felt so Mexico to me, but was more neutrals, so I didn’t stand out like crazy.

We we were in town for 3 nights/4 days, so I didn’t need much. I tried to pack to make sure all my looks kind of went with one another so I could make the most out of every outfit too. Here’s a look at what I packed:

  • 2 jackets (1 blue jean, 1 black denim)

    It wasn’t super cold so I didn’t need a heavy coat. These are warm enough, go with a lot, and don’t take up too much room/weight in your luggage.

  • 2 pair of paints (1 blue jean, 1 black denim)

    #basic but I didn’t need any shorts - it wasn’t warm enough for that. I could wear these out or at night too.

  • 4 tops (2 tees, 2 blouses)

    I wore the 1 tee on the plane and another one of our exploring days. I made sure to bring blouses because they are lightweight for the day time, but also can be dressed up for dinner making the most out of their trip!

  • 1 sweater

    I brought 1 sweater, because rooftop bars are popular and it gets drafty at night. I usually changed for dinner, so this was perfect to wear one rooftop evening!

  • 1 dress

    We knew we wanted to have a nice dinner one evening, so I brought a midi length spaghetti strap dress. I dressed it down with a black denim jacket and added a bandana for extra flair!

  • 1 athleisure set ( leggings, sports bra, shirt, zip up jacket)

    Perfect for hiking or wearing on the plane home.

  • 4 (1 pair of athletic shoes, 1 pair sneaker slides, 1 pair of loafers, 1 pair of sandals)

    You walk around a lot, so should at least bring 2 pairs of shoes to switch out every other day.

  • 2 neck accessories (1 warm scarf, 1 square silk scarf)

    At least bring 1 scarf to keep warm when it gets drafty!

Madewell Sweater | Madewell Danny Wash Jeans | Kendra Scott Paxton Hoop Earrings | Ilia Lipstick: Rosette | Vince Warren Slides

This was the only picture I got of the sweater I brought. Was lightweight, warm and perfect for rooftops!

Madewell Ruffle Top | Madewell Black Skinny Jeans | Vince Warren Slides

I’m currently so obsessed with this top that I did a blog post about it alone! View it here.

Nordstrom Dress (old, but similar here) | J. Crew Factory Black Denim Jacket | Madewell Silk Bandana | Steven Greece Slides | Ilia Lipstick: Rumba | J. Crew Factory Black Denim Jacket

This sweater knit dresses is one of my favorites!! I love how perfect it is for any occasion. A great wardrobe staple!

Madewell Black Skinny Jeans | American Eagle Tee | Vince Warren Slides

My cute little plane outfit. Love the rainbow stripe in this tee! I sized up to a M.

Tips for Packing for Mexico City

  1. Wear Layers - You can strip or add layers as the day goes by. Better safe than sorry! When I didn’t want to wear mine anymore I would either tie it around my waist or drape it over my crossbody purse. Very European! ;)

  2. Pack Shoes You Can Walk In - It’s a lot faster to walk in Mexico City than it is to drive. Plus it’s budget friendly and you get some exercise in.

  3. Bring a Scarf - Just do it! You can drape it over your shoulders if it gets too cold and you don’t have a jacket, plus they are cute!

  4. Don’t wear Expensive/Sentimental Jewelry - Just to be safe! I didn’t wear my engagement ring or wedding band. I also didn’t bring the diamond earrings I live in regularly either.

  5. Attire Vibes? It’s not California casual by any means. I don’t think you have to wear a dress to go to a nice place - honestly my outfit for the boats would have been fine out! You don’t need to go overboard dressing up, but I do think the overall Mexican feel is to dress nicer rather than not.

Any tips I missed? Let me know in the comments below, because I definitely want to go back!

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