Thoughts on Sales + Shopbop Buy More Save More Top Picks

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Hey-oh! Chances are that you probably already heard about this sale. I honestly debated if I would share it or not, but some of my favorite basics are included, so why not? If you subscribe to my newsletter, you know, but basically I have been feeling weird about pushing product at y’all. In reality I shouldn’t feel bad because I really only share things that I truly believe in; however, I don’t want to contribute to crazy materialism, ya know? My sister has often asked me why I don’t share sales with you all the time or why I don’t do “deals of the day” type of thing. Heck, it’s the same reason why I rarely do try on sessions anymore (even though y’all love them)…because I don’t want to leave you feeling like you need a pair of jeans like it’s life or death… because it’s not. Maybe that’s “bad blogger” of me, but I have already talked about things like periods and stuff like that on here with you, so hey, what do I have to lose? If you’re reading this, I hope you only buy what’s in your budget and make smart decisions. I’ve already got the smart buys for you, so just hang tight!

Side note - I’ve already Marie Kondo-ed my closet (maybe one day I’ll show y’all the pic), but doing that made me want to get rid of everything and just do a capsule collection. I’ve already kind of decided that this coming Nordstrom Sale will be devoted to some cashmere purchases ;) Here are some of my favorite pieces included in the Shopbop Buy More Save More sale- most of which I actually own! They are great basics and you’ll be able to wear them for a long time!

If you’re unclear with how this sale works, you just use code GOBIG19 on Shopbop.Com and get up to 25% off! Spend $200 to get 15% off, $500 for 20% off and $800 for 25% off. To shop my picks you can click on a picture in the collage below and be taken to the direct link OR you can just click the hyperlink before the collage!

Did you grab anything from the Shopbop Sale yet? What were your finds?!

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