What to Pack for a Ski Trip

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J. Crew Jacket American Eagle Textured Ballon Sleeve Sweater | Scarf | J.  Brand Jeans | Beanie w/Faux Fure Pom Sorel Joan of Arctic Snow Boots | Lawless Creamy Matte Lipstick in Brad

I'm writing this post, because I didn't find any good "what to pack for a ski trip" posts, prior to my trip. Like thanks for telling me to bring my toothbrush, I'll take it from here. That's honestly why I started blogging...to help people and give solid information on topics that I care about! I want you to come to LMents of Style not just when you need fashion advice, but for every day things like travel and advice. 

I shared multiple outfit pics in this post, because I just wanted to show some of the things I brought and some of the things I didn't need. Before packing, always take into consideration where you are going, what you are doing, and the temperature (duh). I say that though, because I was honestly blind going into packing. I mentioned in my post Ski Tips for Beginners, that it was my first time to ski! The most snow I've ever seen was in Lake Tahoe 2 Thanksgivings ago and this past Christmas in Seattle. I did not see Montana snow coming! Point being, I was somewhat unprepared/didn't pack 100% practically.

You see the olive sweater I'm wearing? I wore that one day and it was great, but 1) you never saw it because I had my jacket 100% of the time and 2) that was the only day I really wore real clothes for the majority of the day. We were there 4 days and 4 nights (we arrived late Wednesday night and left Sunday night ) and skied for 2 full days and snowshoed the 3rd, so there's 3 days of snow clothes and not much else. I for sure packed too much. I think what threw me is that I needed a semi nice outfit for one dinner out, which involves another pair of shoes. Winter is so hard to pack for, because the boots and coats are so heavy. So, tips for packing?

1) Wear your heaviest boots on the plane (I wore my Uggs and should have just packed them and worn my snow boots)

2) Wear one of your jackets on the plane, or at least carry it (if you bring more than one)

3) Bring more athleisure clothes than real clothes

4) Hang up your ski clothes at night so they can air out/not smell


Now let's get down to what you should pack! I'll list my comments to the side, if I have any:


-Snow Jacket. It doesn't have to be fancy, just be sure it is waterproof. I used the Columbia Powder Summit Jacket and it worked wonderfully. (Wearing a S)

-Snow Pants. Again, just make sure you are warm and it is waterproof! Back in the day, my dad used to scotch-guard his jeans, LOL. I wore the  Columbia Powder Keg Pants(Wearing a M)

-Snow Boots. These came in CLUTCH. I purchased the Joan of Arctic Sorel Boots and they were perfect! A cheaper option would be Sperry Duck Boots.  I will say that I have a pair of both and the Sorels were warmer!

-Layering Clothes. I wouldn't recommend wearing your base layer multiple times, unless you have access to a washing machine. I would have a pair of leggings and sports bra per day, but definitely re-wore my long sleeve polyester tee and half zip. So here's what I layered with:

  •      sports bra (X number of days you're skiing)
  •      leggings (fleece lined leggings are bomb, but not necessary. I got a pair from Lulu that I love) (X number of days your skiing)
  •      long sleeve polyester tee (I wore this Nike one)
  •      polyester half zip (I wore this Nike one)
  •      full zip jacket (one day I wore a stretchy cotton/poly full zip and one day I wore a wubby full zip. Because my jacket was naturally so warm, I didn't really need the wubby. I really like my lightweight Lulu one though - it did perfectly)
  •      beanie w/o a pom (I wore this Madewell one
  •      neck warmer (I wear a polyester one like this - I can keep it on my neck, or pull it over my nose/under my goggles)
  • Good socks (X number of days you're skiing). I will say that it's about the quality of the socks, not the thickness. I really like the Sorel Merino Wool socks!

I will say that Montana is colder than Colorado (just as a reference), so just know your climate. ALSO, you can always take off a layer, but can't really add more on in the heat of the moment. Anyway, after all that, I put on my jacket and pants! Don't forget about these things, because though you can rent equipment that aren't usually a part of standard packages: 

  •      helmet. (just wear one. don't be a dumb dumb and think you're cool enough to not)
  •      waterproof mittens (mittens keep your hands warmer than gloves. you can also wear thin gloves underneath w/touch screen capabilities if you want, but again, the mittens will keep your hands warmer all together)
  •      goggles (these are great for those doing bigger runs, but also good for those days when the snow won't stop falling)



-Jeans. I don't know what your trip entails, but if I didn't have on leggings or ski clothes, I was just wearing jeans. I did bring a pair of black jeans for a nicer dinner, but didn't need anything else.  It's too cold to wear anything less. So max 2 pair of jeans IMO.

-Normal Jacket. You definitely don't have to bring this, but I like to for two reasons. 1) it's nicer for an evening out and 2) it let's you ski jacket dry/air out if it needs too.

-Scarf. Just one that is different from the one you are wearing out on the slopes. 

-Gloves. Seems like a no-brainer, but forget them and you're toast. Just shove them in your normal jacket pockets.

-Beanie. This isn't needed either, but I actually brought a couple fun beanies with pom poms, to make my marshmallow coat self, a little more cute.

-Sunscreen. Yes to all your other toiletries, but please don't forget sunscreen! The sun glares on the snow and you can easily burn your face. I love using Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen. It is matte, not shiny and absorbs right up! I actually wear this everyday - I put it on as the last step I take before applying makeup. 

-Chapstick. Another duh, but easy to forget. I brought Burt's Bees.

-Humidifier. My friend Haylea actually recommended this to me and I'm so glad I brought it! I actually sleep with a mini humidifier by my bed every night anyway, so I liked having it with me. There's not an elevation / breathing issue in Montana like there could be in somewhere like Colorado. I use this humidifier that also is an essential oil diffuser and easily fits in your carry on! I use a couple drops of Young Living Essential Oils Thieves and RC.

-Slippers. I brought my Ugg Scuffette Slippers and they came in so handy! Or should I say SNOW handy;) It's just so cold, you need at least some kind of slipper!

I feel like this is a rambling of a post, buuuuut it's really how I felt about packing for this trip! Overall, unless you're going to charity galas every single night, you really don't need much, so don't over pack! The only other tip I'll give is if you are renting your gear, try and do it outside of the resort or main mountain. It's often cheaper. Same with lift tickets!

Did I leave anything off that you 100% have to have?! Leave a comment so I can make sure to pack it for next time! If you liked this post, you'd probably like my post on Where to Stay Near Kalispell.

P.S. Here's my Travel Diaries for Montana, featuring Coyote Bluff Estate and Adventures in Whitefish. Enjoy!

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