Black Jeans for Work

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Madewell Central Shirt in Chambray | Madewell 10" High Rise Jeans | Kendra Scott Diane Earrings | Chinese Laundry Kelso Booties | Lawless Soft Matte Liquid Lipstick  (this is a mixture of Romeo in Brad. I think it would be like the color Dane) 

As y'all know, workwear was one of my goals to start including more often, because that's something y'all have asked for! I gave a little bit of more formal business attire in my Women in the Workplace, Miniskirts, and other things post, as well as my Blah Blah Black Skirt Post. I gave you one of my more casual looks on The Art of Versatility: Olive Button Down Skirt 3 Ways. Andddd here I am today, giving you my secret weapon to making it until casual Friday.

I've mentioned it before, but less than a year ago, I changed offices and my wear whatever dress code changed too. Now jeans are reserved for Fridays only, which isn't really an issue, except that comfort has become king in my wardrobe. It takes my 5ish minutes to walk from the parking garage to the office, and then I climb around 100 stairs. (by choice. there is an elevator). When I'm being that active just on my way in, heels and other uncomfortable things just go to the wayside. It's been cold for how long now? Seems like ages! It is hard to dress cute, comfortably, and practical for work, so I've been searching for workarounds. These black jeans are the answer to my question!

I love wearing black. It is just so chic and sophisticated, can be dressed up or down, and generally makes me feel good. Confident, if you will. These black skinnies are my life saver for days like today where it is not only a Monday, but below freezing. Talk about a double whammy! I'm not sure about your workplace dress code, but I can get 100% away with wearing these on a non-Friday. They look nice, can be paired with more businessy blouses, and are a staple for my wardrobe. I'm telling you, I probably wear these once a week!

Black pants are my go-to when I don't know what to wear. I have these Madewell Skinnies, some Baldwin Kick Flares, and some Black Flares. They are on a constant rotate in my closet, and if you don't have a pair, I highly suggest it. They are a total investment piece that will be #worthit. Here I styled my black jeans with a denim shirt, but dressed it up with lipstick, heels, and some flashy earrings. I can wear this to work on a normal day, but maybe you can't. Try a nicer blouse, that will dress up your look even more! At the very least, get yourself a nicer pair of black pants that you would fee comfortable wearing to work and you're golden! I really like the J. Crew Any Day Stretch Ponte Pant and Loft's Skinny Ankle Pant. Let the outfit ease begin. You're welcome!

black jeans for work, madewell central shirt in chambray, madewell 10" high rise jeans, kendra scott diane earrings, chinese laundry kelso booty

What's your favorite go-to/don't have much time look? Let me know, so I can not wear out my jeans so quickly!

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