What Everyone Needs to Update in their Closet Once a Year

White Shirt | Jeans | Kendra Scott Ear Crawlers | Kendra Scott Bracelet | Essie Master Plan Nail Polish | Booties

There's lots of talk these days about capsule collections. I think they're great depending on who you are, what your day to day life is like, and what your personality is. Point being, not everyone needs one. But, no matter what your answers are to those questions I mentioned above, everyone needs a white shirt. It's a classic piece. You can dress it up or down and it goes with everything. 

You're probably like, yes Lauren. We know. We have white shirts. BUT do you update yours every year? Let's face it. The downfall of white is that is gets dingy, yellows, and you always seem to drop something red on yourself, when you wear them. No? Just me? Personally my problems are in the armpits - being in Texas sweating is just a part of our nature. Sweat happens. Let's be real. I haven't been updating mine, but I NEED to. Otherwise it can be just plain embarrassing! The one I'm wearing is actually more of a linen feel, so it's a lot more breathable, plus it's under $100! The perfect update for me, this year, since you know...it's still 85 degrees in Dallas!

I figured you're like me and you need to update yours too! So, below are some of my favorites.

Do you update your white shirts on a yearly basis? If not, what's your secret on keeping them so clean and fresh?!

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