The only Underwear to Wear while Working Out

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So, y'all know that I talk about personal things on here, right? I mean obviously dish on my life, but I've also talked about periods and stuff. Today I'm talking about sweaty underwear. Tadahhh!

Anyway, I practice hot yoga and consider myself an amateur runner, which are both fairly sweaty sports...especially if I'm doing them outside in the Texas heat. Let's talk about that, too.  Texas is steamy, whether you are working out or not. Yes, there's a lot of cute undies out there, but they aren't necessarily breathable, which can cause quite a bit uncomfortableness. 

This summer wasn't any hotter than a summer I had experienced before, but it had me yearning for a different kind of undergarment. Something moisture wicking, anti microbial, and breathable. Real talk, without getting too graphic, life is sweaty.  You would think that it wasn't too hard of a request given the athleisure and fitness trend currently. 

Along came Tasc Performance! I'll talk more about their entire line on a different post, but here's a rundown about them. They are an American company that is based is Louisiana., who has essentially reinvented the performance sector of the apparel market! They work firsthand with a bamboo farm in India and have used the plant to their benefit. A lot of the "bamboo" items that you see in stores have low grade bamboo and aren't actually any "Better" because of the chemicals, etc...which brings me to my next point. 

You may say that your workout drawer is full, but do you know what is in your clothes? It's really popular to watch what you eat these days, but not many people know the chemicals and processes that go into what you wear and what is touching your skin directly. The performance industry is one of the most notorious sectors known for doing this, which is how you get a lot of your cool products. Without giving too much of my next post away, bamboo is essentially a great product for breathability and moisture wicking, plus it has a really nice hand. Tasc's bamboo fabric feels better than cotton and has performance properties, without chemicals enhancements. When I found out they not only made athletic clothes, but did underwear too, I seriously jumped for joy.

Mine is the bambooty thong, but they have other colors and styles, for both men and women. Here are some of the options:

You're probably asking "but do they work" and the answer is yes! I have worn them to a wedding where i danced the night away and also to a day I knew would be stressful, and let me tell you...they worked like a charm! My only suggestions are size up (I usually wear a medium, but prefer a large in these) and buy several, because you will love them whether you are working out or just battling a stressful day. I called this post "the only underwear to wear while working out" because it really is a fitness underwear, but you'll find me wearing them a lot more than just on the treadmill!

Have you ever heard of fitness underwear? Does the thought of it intrigue you?

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