What to Gift your Bridesmaids

American Eagle Romper (sold out, similar here, here) | Target Faux Fur Stole | Evelyn Henson Mug

I've been in a wedding or two. If the phrase "three times a bridesmaid, never a bride" rang true, then I wouldn't have been able to get married, if you know what I'm saying. The wedding industry as a whole runs on trends and when one person does something cool, everyone does it. From monogrammed over sized tee shirts, to the pretty, floral robes. Been there, done that. I really did like those trends, but one does not need five shirts with her unmarried initials on it. Right? (hah!) All of my bridesmaids have either been in weddings before and most are already married. I wanted to think of original things to gift them, while still ringing true to what bridesmaid gifs usually are!

I gifted my girls a romper to wear the day of, while getting ready, a faux fur stole to wear with their dress, and an adorable mug, to sip tea and coffee out of (when they were't sipping on mimosas with me on my wedding day, and at home!) I'm going to talk about why I gave my girls rompers on a later post, but the main goal with what they wear the day of, is that it shouldn't mess up their hair or makeup. These are off the shoulder rompers, so they could just pull them off super easily when the time came to put on their dress.

So, what did I think of when it came time to buying them gifts? It's similar thinking to my groomsmen gift tips, but a little different. Here ya go!

1) Get them something to wear. There are lots of things you can gift them to wear - if you don't care if people match, by all means then let them wear whatever they want while getting ready or just tell them a specific color to wear, if you want them to match, but don't have the budget to gift them something an article of clothing. Remember that if you want to get them something to wear, it doesn't have to be an article of clothing. You can get them jewelry - earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are always good! One of the coolest things I have received, was a hair pin. Each bridesmaid got to put the piece in their hair how they wanted it, so everyone had the same, but it was tailored to our personalities! Yes I got my girls rompers, but I also got them a faux fur stole to wear. I wanted a something glam wedding, so the faux fur just made sense and definitely isn't the typical gift.

2) Get them something to remind them of you. I am a tea drinker and my friends know that. I have a cabinet in my apartment that is put aside just for mugs! I know my mom was glad to get rid of that problem when I moved out, but congrats, Nick! You're the lucky winner, now ;) Anyway, you want to gift them something that will serve as a reminder of you and your special day. That's what you are thanking them for with these gifts, anyway!

3) Get them something they'll use/wear after your wedding. And no, being able to "shorten the bridesmaid dress and wear it again" doesn't count. Although...I've been told on more than one occasion that my bridesmaid dresses are so beautiful and flattering, they for sure could ;) All of my gifts will be used after the wedding - a romper you can wear anything, it's the beginning of faux fur season, so the stole is just in time, and mugs? You can never have enough! Side note - I opted to get mugs instead of some kind of mimosa glass, because let's be honest. As much as I'd like to drink mimosas every day, I drink my tea 3 times a day and then some, so it gets put to more use. One of the gifts I have that I still use today, is a dopp kit with my initials. Seriously! It was such a good idea.

Have you ever received any cool bridesmaid gifts that were different than what the typical gifts are these days? Let me know what they were, in the comments below!

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