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Style for Every Body: Denim Jacket Edition

Style for Every Body: Denim Jacket Edition

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The denim jacket is this magical thing that is a closet staple for anyone, no matter your economics status or style profile. Granted, denim 100% flowed from the masses to the elites and not the other way around. Hah! Growing up I wanted nothing to do with jeans, because everyone wore them. Wellllll except for my first pair of American Eagle jeans. I wore the heck out of those in middle school, bu! I digress…

DENIM JACKETS. That’s what we are talking about today. Denim jackets are something I grew up with, but had to take a break from. I had every single color imaginable. I also had them in every length known to the fashion industry. Remember those cropped jackets that cut off right under your boobs? Yeah I’m pretty sure I had 3 of those #WHY Anyway, I bought a a Levi’s denim jacket (the originator of true denim!) almost 5 years ago now and have been wearing it ever since! I purchased it for a trip to San Francisco, so I’d have a “cool” jacket to wear. I could probably update it with a more up to date fabric or fit, buuuut honestly this one does just fine! I have since purchased a black denim jacket (which is a total sleeper by the way - way underrated!) and an olive denim jacket which is a fun, yet neutral color pop.

My Style for Every Body girls and I decided the denim jacket would be a great piece to share for October, because it is a good layering piece. Drape it over your shoulders, tie it around your waist, wear it normally, but cuff the sleeves up for a more laid back look… so many ways! Not to mention that it can be paired with anything! It dresses down a sun dress, but pair a black denim jacket with jeans and it dresses them up. In the workplace it will dress down your pencil skirt and such. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, just throw it in your bag for after work HH or dinner. Because it’s not too heavy or bulky, it doesn’t take up much space and it pretty much doesn’t wrinkle either. Basically if you don’t have a denim jacket, get one in your closet asap! So what are our favorites?

Let’s start with me… Lauren from LMents of Style

I love Levi’s because it is a classic! They are the mastermind behind jeans, so it feels right to pay homage to them. In addition to this Levi’s Ex-Boyfriend Trucker Jacket, I also have this sherpa denim jacket from Levi’s too! One of my other faves is this black denim jacket from J. Crew Factory

I’m wearing: Levi’s

What size I am wearing: S

Where I like to shop for denim jackets: Madewell, J. Crew, J. Crew Factory , Levi’s

How tall I am: 5’7.5”

What body type I identify with: Regular length, Pear shaped

Meredith from The Healthy Curve

Meredith is wearing: Lucky Brand Jeans

What size she is wearing: XL

Where she likes to shop for denim jackets: Old Navy, Madewell, Lucky Brand

How tall she is: 5’4”

What body type she identifies with: Petite, Curvy, Hourglass

See more from her on her blog The Healthy Curve and on her instagram page!

Ginger from The Ginger Marie Blog

Ginger is wearing: prAna Abbot Jacket

What size she is wearing: XL

Where she likes to shop for denim jackets: prAna, ASOS, Boohoo, Target

How tall she is: 5’11”

What body type she identifies with: Tall, Curvy

See more from her on her hilarious Instagram Stories and her blog The Ginger Marie Blog.

Kileen from Cute and Little

Kileen is wearing: Forever 21 Denim Hooded Jacket

What size she is wearing: S

Where she likes to shop for denim jackets: Forever 21 because of their affordable prices! I like trendy pieces that don’t cost me an arm and a leg ;)

How tall she is: 5’0”

What body type she identifies with: Short, Petite, Athletic Build

Check out more details on her blog Cute and Little and her instagram CuteNLittle too!

Do you have a favorite denim jacket? Do tell!! If you want to see our other Style for Every Body features, check them out here! Only 2 more left in this series, and I’m already mourning it!

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