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How to Incorporate Lipstick into your Every Day Makeup Routine

How to Incorporate Lipstick into your Every Day Makeup Routine

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A couple months ago I asked you if there were any topics you wanted me to cover on Women in the workplace Wednesday and one of the requests I received was about lipstick! One of you stated that you wanted to start wearing lipstick more regularly, but weren’t really sure how to start incorporating it into your routine / how to get people used to seeing it on you, who maybe have never seen it on you before. I loved this idea for a post, because I 100% relate.

Growing up in Texas, I was a member of the drill team. The drill team is basically the dance team! They perform at every football game in the fall and then do some basketball appearances in the spring, along with a spring show and competitions. Why am I telling you this? Because that meant lipstick for days. Bright red, obnoxious lipstick that literally stained them for the entire weekend. Once I got to college, my new friends were starting to experiment with lipstick and I was like NO THANKS I’M GOOD. I had had enough lipstick in my life for a while. Plus, I was always (and still am) much more of a chapstick girl.

It wasn’t until a couple years ago that I started easing lipstick into my routine. To be honest, wearing lipstick is kind of annoying. It’s not much of an everyday thing for me, because I have to be super careful with application, eating, and so on. I mean have you ever tried to bit into an apple while wearing lipstick? Just don’t do it! I digress. While it isn’t an everyday thing for me, it has become a must for parties and such. I always like my pictures from the night better when I have a little lip color!!

Black Jumpsuit | Ilia Lipstick Rosette | Nude Flats | Senreve Envelope Pouch c/o (use code ELLEMULENOS for a free bracelet pouch when you spend $300 or more. Just add it to your cart and insert the code!)

These pictures were taken at the Delta Hotel by Marriott in Allen, TX for their marketing campaigns. Thought they were perfect to use for this, as they are business-y and I’m wearing lipstick!

So how to ease lipstick into your life?

  1. Play Around. Obviously I am pro cruelty-free and nontoxic lipsticks, but it is important to see what colors you like and don’t like. Try going to a drug store or even Sephora and test out colors on your arm, so you have an idea of what you’re looking for. For me, I’m super attracted to neutrals that are tan / brown-ish, but I learned I can’t wear them, because it looks like I don’t have any lips. Hah! I have to wear more of a pinky nude. Know your skin and what looks best for you. The good thing about going to a place like Sephora is that their reps can assist you with colors and such. Pro tip: If you are worried about actually using a lipstick / spending money on it, opt for something like this multi stick that doubles as blush. I have this one and love it! The color I have is Lady Bird.

  2. Start Neutral. If you truly don’t wear lip color at all, you should start with neutral shades. To be honest, I prefer neutral shades most days, as they are a lot more low maintenance and wayyyy more natural. Don’t get me wrong. I love to pop a red every now and then, but most of the time if I’m donning it, I’m going to be wearing a pinky nude. My favorite right now is Malibu (get 25% off w/code ELLE25) and Rosette. Pro tip: Reds and such are more prone to bleeding, meaning that it goes outside your lip line. You can help stop this by using lip liner and/or putting concealer around your mouth.

  3. Choose Long Lasting. Having to re-apply every 5 seconds is going to turn you off of lipsticks, plus who really has time for that anyway? Buttery, true lipsticks are more moisturizing, but they often require more applications than say a liquid lipstick. On the flip side, liquid lipsticks are a bit harder to apply, as you have to get them right! Pro tip: If I make a mistake or need to clean up an area, I use Thayer’s toner on a q-tip to erase the mistake! After doing so, I usually have to add some concealer and/or powder too, but it works like a charm. I also like to remove my lipstick with this toner + a cotton round.

    BONUS TIP: Make sure your lips are exfoliated! A simple way to do this is to take sugar and honey, put them on your lips, them rub together to exfoliate. At the very least, put chapstick on before you apply lipstick. I also like to put chapstick on once the lipstick is on/dry, to keep my lips moisturized. It’s easier to apply with a “pot” than a stick, but a way around that is to just rub the chapstick on your finger to apply, instead of getting color directly on your chapstick!

My current favorites are Ilia Colorblock Lipstick and Honey and Vinegar Liquid Lipstick. Both are nontoxic and cruelty-free. You can find Ilia at major retailers like Sephora, The Detox Market, Follain, and more! It is a true lipstick, so if I need it to last a while, I layer it with lipliner. I own it in Rosette (neutral dark pink) and Rumba (bright dark red). I use Tarte liners Boho and Turnt Up for these respective lipsticks. Honey and Vinegar can be found at their online shop - they are small batch and I love them! I have their lippies in Sassafrass and in Malibu. I don’t wear lip liner with these, because they are pretty long lasting as they are. To try out Honey and Vinegar 25% off, use code ELLE25.

The more you wear lipstick, the more used to it you will become and your confidence with increase! I felt kind of weird when I started putting makeup in my eyebrows, but now I prefer myself (in photos) with it 100%. Changing things up can be scary, but they also can be fun! What better time to incorporate more lipstick into your life than the holidays?!

I’m wearing Rosette in this blog post, but here I’m wearing Malibu. Wearing Sassafrass here and Rumba here!

P.S. If you liked this post, you will probably enjoy my feature on cruelty-free and nontoxic lipsticks made without coconut oil!

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