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Seattle Travel Guide

Seattle Travel Guide

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A couple of weeks ago, my fiance and I went to Seattle! (find out why from this previous Seattle post) We were there from Friday night, through Monday afternoon, so roughly under 72 hours. Nick goes all the time, but it was my first time traveling there. Needless to say I loved it. I'm itching to go back, but I feel like for the short amount of time I was there, I saw the majority of the city.

Here's what I would recommend checking off, if you're there for a short (or long) amount of time! I divided it by type of thing to do/area, rather than specific points. Hope it helps your next trip!

1) Nature. This is number one on my list, because it is honestly what I am most impressed with/what I love most about Seattle. Before I was even a blogger, I was obsessed with photos. It seriously has perfect flat lighting, which makes pictures that much more impeccable. Additionally, it also has a lot of photo worthy areas. The wildlife was amazing. My favorite park we visited was Discovery Park, but I also enjoyed Snoqualmie Falls and Gas Works Park. The first night, we were at the Woodmark Hotel, which is on Lake Washington. Anywhere around the water is beautiful, too! Seattle is an active city as a whole, so it shouldn't be hard for you to find something to do!

2) Pike Place Market. A must for obvious reasons, both tourist, and local. We went on Monday, and I'm so glad we did. If you can go on a day that doesn't involve the weekend, I would suggest that. It is a lot less crowded and a lot more enjoyable. There's a lot to do, in a small, walk-able area, so it will definitely have something for everyone. Go to the original Starbucks, have a Russian pastry from Piroshky Piroshky (my favorite is the garlic and cheese), eat clam chowder soup from Jack's Fish Spot, have a drink, see the best view of the water, and sit where Tom Hanks sat in Sleepless in Seattle at the Athenian, take a picture with Rachel the Piggy Bank, the golden mascot of PPM, visit Ghost Alley and take a picture with the Gum Wall, witness fish being thrown at Pike Place Fish Market, and buy some fresh tulips from some local vendors. This was honestly such a fun spot and I wish we could have explored it more.

3) Downtown. A lot of my other sections overlap into being downtown. It is honestly just a fun place to walk around, site see, and people watch. This was the area that I spent the least amount of time it, but is still very relevant. I think the most thought of destination is the Space Needle. Not only can you observe, but you can eat in the restaurant, atop the structure! Another cool place to go, is Starbucks' new roastery and tasting room. Which leads me to my next point...

4) Coffee. I mean coffee is pretty much synonymous with Seattle, so even if you don't like it, you should still check out some shops. Who knows? You may realize that you have been drinking bitter water your entire life and that you actually enjoy the taste of real coffee. The coffee photo from this post is at Stumptown Coffee. It was the one we spent the most time at, but there are some others to visit, and I don't mean Starbucks or Seattle's Best;) Ballard Coffee Works, Good Coffee Co., Slate Coffee, and Caffe Umbria are all other great places to try.

5) City Limits. Seattle is great, but its surrounding cities are awesome too! The first night we were in Kirkland, which was a sight for sore eyes; however, we spent more time in Falls City. I don't know what was prettier, the drive there or the actual city.  If you rent a car, definitely try and make it out of Seattle for a little bit, to see what you can see.

6) Sporting Events. As much as it pains me to say it (Go Cowboys), Seattle has no shortage of sporting events or team pride. CenturyLink Field, home of the Seattle Seahawks and Safeco Field, home of the Seattle Mariners, are literally right next to each other, so you have no excuse not to at least see them. Oh, and if you're a nerd, there is a sort of "field of dreams" for you too. Washington is home to Bellevue, aka a suburb of Seattle, that is Microsoft's headquarters and hub.



Are you from Seattle or visit there frequently? Did I leave anything off? Is there something I need to make sure to do next time?


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