Personalized Embroidered Bandana

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Black Dress | Oli Rose Designs Custom Bandana | Dolce Vita Pacer Slides

Happy Monday, guys!! I would normally have published a couple of blog posts by now, but took the weekend off to spend time with Nick for his birthday! His actual birthday is today, but we went to Fayetteville this past weekend for a little birthday get-away! I can't wait to share some great content with y'all from there, but first let's talk more about our Belize trip!

Nick and I went to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize for our 1 year wedding anniversary! So far I have only written one post on the trip - where to stay in Belize: Las Terrazas, but I have a lot more to share! And just in time for resort season;) At the time of our honeymoon, obviously my name wasn't officially changed yet, so I don't didn't feel real? (haha) I actually waited a while to change my name, because I was just too busy! I actually detailed how you can change your name after you get married here.

ANYWAY, this year, it actually felt real that I was Lauren Mulenos, so I wanted to commemorate that. Bandana scarves are really popular right now, so I wanted to get one and have it embroidered with my "new" name. Mrs. Mulenos. Isn't it so cute? I loved it so much, I got one for an engaged friend and actually put one in one of my giveaways! This Personalized embroidered bandana is just for a "Mrs." design, but Oli Rose Designs actually offers them with other phrases and custom phrases too! I also ordered a custom embroidered relaxed tee. (see what I put on it here).

A custom bandana is a great gift for your friend who just got engaged, a newlywed, or even your trendy friend and just do her first name or a phrase! With gift giving season coming up, this is the cutest little budget-friendly goodie you can find!


What do you think? What would you get embroidered on yours? It's such a fun add to any outfit.

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