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Christmas Party Dresses under $100

Christmas Party Dresses under $100

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JOA Fit and Flare Dress | Nordstrom Fringe Thong Sandal

December is going to be here before we know it, y'all! Do you know what you are going to wear to your Christmas gatherings and holiday parties? I always feel like I can wait until December to choose my outfit, but then I can NEVER find one I like. I like to be somewhat unique and really have fun with my look - I actually did a post on Unique Christmas Party Outfit Ideas last year!

ANYWAY, one of the hardest parts of finding the right holiday party look isn't the styling...it's the price tag! I could easily find what I was looking for if it wasn't for the dad gum budget!! So when Christmas dress (or whatever it is you're looking for) shopping, keep these 3 things  in mind:

1) versatility. Can you dress it up or down? Can you wear it to multiple event types? Is it seasonless or at least "in" for a couple seasons?

2) trend vs. classic. Is this something you can wear again or will it be so last season? This ties in with versatility, but something that is trendy can also be versatile. (confusing I know!) But I have garments that are 5-10 years old and still wear great, because I kept good care of them, and they are timeless pieces, aka a classic. 

3) price. Once you answer the first two questions, then delve into price. Don't go over what you know your max expenditure is, but do take the first two into account when you are looking. If it's something that you can wear again and again, consider spending more. You don't have to, but your cost per wear will be lower, because they will last longer. If something is super trendy and can only be worn once or even just to one type of event, you probably should lower your budget.

Okay so let's look at my dress! This green fit and flare dress is:

1) versatile - I'm actually wearing it to dinner in Belize, in this photo! I'm kind of dressing it down with sandals, but it would look great with heels and even over the knee boots! It is a nicer fabric, so I don't think you could wear it to just anything but for parties, weddings, and special events, it is a go! The color lends more toward fall and winter, but it's kind of like a neutral, so you can wear it throughout the year and pop it with different colors to make it work better for different seasons. (reds for christmas, yellows for spring, leopards for a fun pop, etc)

2) trendy classic - Did I just say both? yep! The is a fit and flare silhouette, which is a classic, but the sleeve detail is trendy. I'd actually use the word "unique' over trendy though... Shoulder accents are trending, but not necessarily like this? This is more like it is different in a good way, because it makes people notice it, because it's not your run of the mill dress!

3) price - This dress is actually under $100, so sign me up!;) But yeah, you are getting the bang for your buck here, no extra explanation necessary!


I know this dress may not be for everyone, so I actually went through multiple retailers and found some that were under $100 and cute as ever! Scroll through each section by clicking on the arrows. Click on an image to be taken to a link. If it won't let you, just refresh the page!






How do y'all shop for Christmas attire? Got anything you have your eye on?! I'm still searching for the perfect look for my work holiday party...;)

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