November Favorites

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Now that we are almost halfway through November, let me give you my November favorites. LOL. Anyway, last month I started a "Favorites" post where I give you 10 things I'm currently crushing on! Read my October post here.

Remember,  you can click through the above collage! Everything but the glasses should link, but If it won't let you, just refresh the page and it should work like a charm. I'm also going to go product by product below and hyperlink the product link to the name. Here we go!

1) Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides.  This fall, my skin has felt so irritated and dry. I recently started including collagen peptides in my diet and they are already helping. They are great for your skin, improving things like elasticity, among other amazing things. I'm excited to see how my results continue!

2) EOS Grapefruit SPF 30 Chapstick. People often forget that you don't have to be on a beach to get sunburned. Don't forget about your lips! The winter air can dry them out for sure! Keep this on hand for any fun in the sun...or snow;) I don't leave home without this one. It keeps my lips moist and I loooove the flavor.

3) Madewell Kent Cardigan. You can't be without a cozy cardigan this fall. I LOVE the longer length ones because they feel a lot more chic than short ones, not to mention they are super warm and comfy!  Madewell makes my favorite cardigans and this one doesn't disappoint!

4) Tom's of Maine Luminous White Toothpaste. I actually just started using Tom's of Maine toothpaste last month, but I already love it. Read my sponsored post post about it here, but note that I wasn't paid to post it on this round up. I love that it whitens my teeth and actually feels clean at the same time. No residue!! Plus, it is all natural.

5) Madewell Cashmere Sweatshirt. Madewell sweaters are my jam if you couldn't tell. I love this one because it is so easy to put on and goes with everything. Not to mention that it isn't itchy and is lightweight, so perfect for layering! 

6) Ugg Scuffette II Slippers. I have had my Ugg slippers for over a year now and they are worth every penny. It might seem silly to spend that much on a pair of slippers, but they really do their job. I sucked it up and bought them when I realized that I preferred to wear my Uggs around the house over my cheap slippers. I made a rule that I never wear them outside, so that also preserves the life of them. They have a hard bottom, so you could wear them out, but that just makes them wear and tear faster, in addition to collecting a lot of germs. 

7) Maralyn and Me Fur Lined Puffer Coat. This is the same brand from my top selling/favorite coat from last year. It's warm, cute, and under $100! I love the olive hue and it's so easy to style. 

8) Cuyana Mini Chain Saddle Bag. You know when you head to a party and you don't want to bring you huge bag, but your smaller bag isn't nice enough? Ya need a party bag! I love me some Cuyana and this one with the chain strap fits the bill!!

9) Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish and Top Coat. I went to an event with Essie recently and received a Gel Couture pedicure. OMG I had no idea how good it was! I wore it to the beach (so sand, salt water, sunscreen) and they came out unscathed! I haven't tried it on my fingers yet, but I am excited to. It works so well, plus it's cheaper than a salon gel manicure/pedicure;)

10) Phonetic Eyewear Computer Glasses. As of this coming December I will have been wearing Phonetic Eyewear Computer Glasses for 2 years. They are an office essential for me! Read my original review of them here. They block the blue light that computers give off, which causes headaches. Because I am on computers ALL DAY LONG, this helps me feel my best and not get computer headaches! They have prescription ones, but I just got normal glasses. Get 10% off your pair w/code THANKSLAUREN10.

Thank you for reading!! Let me know if you have a "favorite thing" this month that I need to try. I'd love to feature it in December!

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