Navigating Finances with Frost Bank Pt. 1

Thanks to my friends at Frost Bank for sponsoring this blog post! All opinions are my own.

Nick and I have been married for a little over a year now. You’d think we’d have all the logistics figured out, buuuut we don’t. The check box(es) that are at the top of our list is combining bank accounts, prioritizing finances, and creating (and following) a good budget. Honestly, we meant to do this before now, but I didn't legally change my name until spring of this year and we wanted to wait for that and then, just happened.

The holiday season is the P E R F E C T time to get on track. Quite frankly, with all of the hustle and bustle, it is essential that we do it right! You have Christmas gifts, hosting duties and party trays. It's super easy to lose track of your checkbook this time of year, but Frost Bank is here to help, no matter how big or small the purchase is! It's incredibly important to be aware of your finances at the beginning of your marriage, actually in your 20s in general, so you can be on top of things like taxes, credit and even retirement.

Frost Bank is great at all of those things. Quite literally. They have amazing customer service that is available 24/7 and also have expert bankers and financial advisors right at your disposal. Marriage usually results in yes, combining finances, but also big decisions like buying real estate. Nick and I love where we live right now, but will eventually want to buy a condo or a house. Frost Bank can help use decide our budget, saving strategy and just make smarter decisions in general throughout the process. But let's not get ahead of ourself...remember my 3 goals I initially stated;) Wheel before the cart, people!!

Something that particularly excites me about Frost is that it is keeping up with the times and its technology. They have an app and even work with your Apple Watch! I just bought my my husband the new Apple Watch for his birthday, so I'm trying out his old one to see if I like it. I was stoked to see how the Frost app works with the watch. It's the little things that impress you and help you stay on track!

I'm so excited to take you on this journey! Stay tuned - next month I'll update you on our goals and how we are doing!


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Thanks to my friends at Frost Bank for sponsoring this blog post! All opinions are my own.