Oynx Coffee Lab

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Okay, so I've taken a bit of a hiatus from my travel posts, but I still have some from Belize and our trip to Arkansas, andddd will have some new travel content coming soon too, so strap on your seatbelt! #punintended

So this fall, I took Nick to Fayetteville, Arkansas. Why? Because he loves sweater weather (and we don't really get it in Texas) anddddd his favorite coffee roaster is there! I briefly mentioned that here, on my post about where to stay near Fayetteville, Arkansas!

Oynx Coffee Lab was born and bred in Northwest Arkansas. They were founded in 2012 on the premise that the world, specifically Arkansas, needed better coffee. They are all about green coffee, meaning that it starts with good beans. Oynx is consistently one of the best roasters in the United States and going to their physical stores just solidified that for me.

Now let me preface this with the fact that I don't consider myself a coffee drinker; however, I appreciate good coffee. I'm very much a tea girl;) When people tell me that they don't like coffee, most of the time I ask what kind they had. If it is just a bitter black liquid swimming in a cup, I tell them they haven't actually had coffee. It starts with good beans, but it also has to do with roasting ability, and Onyx has that down, too. 

I've taken it upon myself to try coffee everywhere we go, because I figure there are more people like Nick out there who enjoy a good cup of craft coffee and those who just need to be introduced to it. Now, not every place has good coffee (Palm Beach is one of those places...), but Arkansas is lucky. Nick joking asked one of the Oynx employees if they'd ever bring one to Dallas and he laughed and said probably never. (lol). Embrace it, NWA!

We visited 2 of the 3 locations near Fayeteville (they also have another location being built in Rogers!) and are building another roastery! My favorite location we visited is the Bentonville town square one. It was spacious, but still managed to envelop me in its black and white modern build. Not only does it have coffee and a small retail section, but tea for me, and the prettiest avocado toast you have ever seen.  (or tasted!) If you need a gift for a coffee lover (a craft coffee lover, please don't send this to someone who is in love with their keurig...they won't like it), try getting them some Oynx coffee! And if you are ever in NWA, don't hesitate to visit an Oynx location. You won't be disappointed!

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