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San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize Travel Guide

San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize Travel Guide

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The beachfront at Last Terrazas.

The breakfast burrito at the O restauarant!

Palapa Tiki Bar!

Dinner at Cayo Espanto!

The view from our water taxi!

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Looks like I've accidentally taken a break from my vacation posts and regular blog posts in general...hoping to be back to usual in the new year! It now feels like ages since we were in the warmth of central America. 


We flew in on this day! We grabbed a 5 am flight because it let us make the most of our vacation, as it's the only flight that really gets you there same day. Belize is kind of weird to get to, because of where you fly into, no one stays. We flew into Belize City, then took a puddle hopper plane to San Pedro, and a water taxi to our resort Las Terrazas. You can also rent a golf cart instead of taking the water taxi, if you'd like. People drive them all over the island!

We spent the afternoon getting acquainted with the resort and the island. We ate lunch and dinner at the O - their on resort restaurant, which was SO good. We also took this time to book our excursions and stuff like that. It's not a super busy season, so we were okay, buuuut I'd probably book before you got there. I was trying to be more laid back for this trip, because we had both been so busy and we wanted to relax.


We woke up and had breakfast at the O restaurant- I mentioned it in my review of Las Terrazas, but their breakfast burrito is BOMB. We then grabbed a drink (their coconut mojito!) and headed to the private beach on the property. It was the perfect morning! We we back to our room and and napped, then took a water taxi to the main city part of San Pedro (not sure if I could call it a downtown?) and explored for the afternoon! Our favorite spot was Palapa Bar - the vibe was AMAZING, plus it was right on the water. We actually had lunch there, and of course some drinks;) After that, we went to Cayo Espanto. It's a private island and you can only get access if it isn't booked up. We got lucky and were able to snag a reservation with their chef. It was a truly amazing experience! Celebs like Leo and Richard Gere stay there.


We picked this as our excursion day! We woke up and had breakfast as per usual, then headed down the beach to meet our crew! There are tons of different excursions you can choose from, but we probably did the most popular - Shark Ray Alley and Caye Caulker snorkeling. It's a 2 in 1 excursion. They take you to snorkel the entire reef. We saw sting rays and tons of fish! Hoped to see a sea turtle, but it didn't happen. We actually got a special detour - Conch Graveyard. There's only one fisherman who is allowed to clean the conch and he was there when we passed! Tons of wildlife hang around, so we saw quite a bit there, too. NEXT we swam with the sharks and stingrays. They're just nurse sharks and quite frankly, I was more scared of the stingrays than the sharks. A stingray came up to "hug me" and I pretty much freaked out. After that, we went back to the hotel, napped, then got ready for our last dinner at O restaurant. 


We got up and had one last breakfast at the O Restaurant, then took a water taxi to the little mini airport. We hopped aboard our little puddle jumper to Belize City, then took a plane to Miami, then Dallas. A loooong day of traveling, but so worth it. Plus, our global entry came in clutch. If you don't know what Global Entry is, then check out this post on What's the difference between TSA pre-check and global entry and why you should consider one.

Andddd that was our vacation. It was kind of short, but so good and so worth it! I'll include a little bit more, on a tips for traveling to Belize post, but this was our weekend in a nutshell! You can see all of my Belize posts, but searching Belize in my search bar or just clicking here! See more of our vacation, by watching my Belize travel diary, below!


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