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January Favorites

January Favorites

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It's January and I'm actually on time with my monthly favorites! Starting the new year off right!;) This past fall I started picking 10 things that I have been crushing on and sharing them at the beginning of every month. I don't just limit it to fashion though, so look forward to all types of items! If you like the idea of this post, then you'll probably enjoy the post I just did on my top 12 purchases of 2017! Did I mention it includes a fun YouTube Video?!

Anyway, let's get started! You can click through the images above to be taken to the direct link- if it doesn't work, just refresh the page and it should take you to your link! You can also click on each of the items below, through the title!

1) Lime Crime Hi-Lights Opals. (c/o)  I ran across this in a new DFW store called Riley Rose and had to have it. The packaging is insane and that's what drew me to it, but the product actually lives up to the prettiness! I also love that it is non-toxic and cruelty-free! It doesn't get better than that. I'm excited to try more Lime Crime products.

2) Londontown Lakur Nail Polish. (c/o) Not your average nail polish - it is 9-free (it doesn't have the 9 most toxic chemicals) and is also vegan and cruelty-free! I not only use the polish, but the base coat and top coat too!

3) Moonlight Nightshirt. I purchased my first moonlight nightshirt during the Nordstrom sale, but loved it so much, that I just bought another at full price! It is SO soft and so easy to wear. It's modest enough to wear around other people and the comfiest ever.

4) Magnesium Glycinate. When talking about my frequent headaches, one of my friends recommended that I look into taking magnesium supplements. I mentioned it to my mom and she was like omg I don't know why I didn't mention that to you before... one of our doctors (who we both see), recommended taking 200mg of magnesium 30 minutes before bed. I have only been taking it for a couple of weeks, but I can already tell a difference in the release of my neck muscles!

5) Cuyana Leather Coin Pouch. (c/o) Coins weigh down a wallet, so why not give them their own little pouch in your purse? Or better yet, use it to fill with gum, ponytailers, or something fun! Cuyana never disappoints me and this is the cutest thing I've seen in a while!

6) Baublebar Parisian Feather Earrings. (c/o) These earrings are my current obsession. I wore them to one of my Christmas parties and haven't stopped wearing them since. I love how trendy they are, but that they look a little bit more classic, because they are all black.

7) Squatty Potty Toilet Stool. Hear me out...You're probably like omg. But guys. This works so well! It's just a stool you use to well, make a stool sample (lol). If you have issues going or maybe just have a hemorrhoid issue, this thing should be your next purchase!

8) Alexander Del Rossa Robe. I received this for Christmas and it was just in the nick of time! It's micro-fleece, so it's soft, warm, and the perfect link. It's budget friendly and comes in a ton of colors, so there's one for everybody!

9) Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Juice Boost. (c/o) This is one of those things I didn't know I needed, until I tried it. I love putting it under my eves, over my concealer, so some really nice illuminance. 

10) Madewell Ex-Boyfriend Flannel. The flannel is a great transition shirt from winter to spring and no one does it better than Madewell! Wear them when jeans, skirt, and even shorts. They are classic and you'll be able to wear them forever.


Anything you're crushing on this month? Let me know so I can try it out too! Happy New Year, y'all.


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