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November Favorites

November Favorites

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Happy November!! It's my favorite time of the month!! (and no not that time of the month;) ) Here are my top 10 faves to share. I love when I can share a little bit of everything and not mostly skincare or clothes. You can click on everything but the gin below and then it's all clickable in the verbiage below the collage as well. Be sure to share with me if there's something you're loving - I want to try!

1) Zephyr Gin. I first heard of this gin last year when I attended a media event in Dallas. Near the end of last year I met one of their reps who happened to be sitting at the bar at Town Hearth (my favorite steak place in Dallas) and she bought me and Nick a drink. I've been hooked on spicy bees knees ever since! I have never really enjoyed gin, but Zephyr is more elderberry forward than juniper forward. (Most gins are junipery). Recently I made a "flu" cocktail with the same base as a bee knees with elderberry syrup instead of honey. You can check out that recipe here!

2) The Glitter Plan book. I mentioned this book in Instastories last weekend, because I read it on the plane. I’m a sucker for a good fashion story and LOVED this book. It’s about Pam and Gela and how they started Juicy Couture. I had no idea they got their start designing maternity jeans. Did you know that?! Also I love and appreciate their drive and determination.

3) Trader Joe’s Ghost Pepper Potato Chips. I tried these about a month ago when we were in Seattle and was HOOKED. I know and love Trader Joe's Truffle Chips but I think these might be even better. There's something about their lattice cut that is exquisite. Nick doesn't like things on my same level of spicy and he enjoys these, so if you are afraid of the heat, don't be. If you love the heat, they sell their actual smoked ghost peppers if you want to try them out in full form!!

4) 2A Jewels Necklaces. My sister's boyfriend's dad (How's that for a circumlocution!) makes jewelry out of bullets! I wear 2 of his necklaces layered quite frequently -you can see them here. He also does earrings, bracelets, cuff links, you name it! This would make for a great personal Christmas gift or maybe in memory of someone special in your life.

5) Sriracha. I had eaten sriracha before, but I hadn’t purchased it for my own home until this year when I made firecracker meatballs. Not only did I love the meatballs, but I wanted to put sriracha literally everything. So dang good! I love a good spicy kick. There’s actually a pizza place in Dallas (Zalat) that serves their pies up with srir-rancha, a sriracha ranch!

6) Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream. About a month and a half ago I shared my fall updated skincare routine. I mentioned I was going to try this as my new moisturizer and let me tell ya… I love it! My skin has never been softer, even with traveling and such. It does have a bit of a scent - all natural products of course, but you have to kind of get over that. I describe it as a grandma-ish scent? It’s cruelty-free and non-toxic though! To me it is #worthit and under $50 :)

7) Skylar Body Perfume. I’ve been wearing “Arrow” by Skylar since early this summer and I looove it. Perfume was one of my switches this year regarding my non-toxic and cruelty-free journey. I did a whole perfume review here, sharing some of the brands I considered when I made the switch. Most perfume brands are NOT cruelty-free and it’s VERY hard to find ones that are on the non-toxic end of the spectrum. You can read more about the specifics about skylar body and why I chose it here.

8) Show Me Your Mumu Upton Dress. I wore this dress to a cousin’s wedding and it is just one of those it dresses. Classic with a bit of a modern edge and always a good idea! It’s one of those I’ll pretty much wear forever. I did a whole blog post on it here. P.S. I usually wear a small in this brand and got a medium.

9) Maralyn and Me Puffer Jacket. Coats can be expensive and with so many new trends coming out, who wants to spend that much money? I love the trendiness of this coat, plus it is 40% off and it also comes in black if olive isn’t your thing. I featured it on the blog here.

10) Herbivore Botanicals Brighten Face Mask. I initially shared this mask almost a year ago here, but most recently shared it on my fall updated skincare routine. It is my go-to autumn mask because it sheds those dead skin cells and brighten ups your skin from the summer sun. And yes, it’s non-toxic and cruelty-free!

Have you tried any of these things? Holla at me and let me know in the comments below!

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