Budget Puffer Jacket

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Maralyn & Me Shiny Crop Puffer Jacket | Abercrombie and Fitch Slim-Fit Henley | Madewell 10" High-Rise Skinny Jeans in Danny Wash | Vince Warren Suede Platform Skate Sneakers

Happy Monday, friendsicles!! I’m seriously in the best mood. Vitamin D is gold. I’m sure you’ve seen it on social media, but we have had rain, rain, raiiiiin. Someone even said we’ve had more rain than Seattle, which is ironic. Point being, we really haven’t been above 70 degrees F in a whileeee. I hadn’t seen the sun in almost 2 weeks until last Thursday. Anyway this weekend was the perfect gorgeous combination of a crisp breeze and sunshine in my eyes. The only thing that could have made it better was a warm apple cider donut that everyone is posting about on Instagram! (Side note, there only apple picking place I’ve been near DFW is Henrietta Creek Orchard in Roanoke, but they haven’t had apples to pick since 2015! I’m hoping the weather will be kind to them and they’ll re-open for U-Pick come 2019.) I ammmm kinda hoping that we’ll stumble upon some donuts (and apples!) on our trip from SF to Mendocino this upcoming weekend. #fingerscrossed

Texas has such fickle weather. In December there’s a chance you could be wearing shorts, but it miiight just snow on Christmas. You never know! I have a ton of coats for someone who lives where it’s mostly warm, buuuut also we’ve been traveling to a lot more cold climates, so they’re kind of necessary! In 2016 I stumbled upon the coat brand Maralyn and Me and since then I stalk online stores until their new line is released! Their coats are cute, actually warm, and are SUPER budget friendly. The puffer I’m currently wearing is on sale for 40% off right now, making it under $50! Oh and it comes in black too.

The first MM coat I bought was a life saver when we took a day trip to Tahoe over Thanksgiving and a massive snow storm came through! Last year they came in clutch too on our weekend trip to Fayetteville for Nick’s birthday. Anyway, if you’re looking for a new jacket, I would 100% check out Maralyn and Me so you can get more bang for your buck!! I also like to check J. Crew Factory, because they have classic styles that are pretty much always on sale!

Oh and if you have any must-do’s for Mendocino, holla at me!!

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