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Monochromatic Pink and Purple Nails

Monochromatic Pink and Purple Nails

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Pinterest is the greatest untapped social media platform in my humble opinion. It is one part search engine, one part media and 100% a gift! You can see what is trending, what people are searching for anddd of course find some inspiration for yourself. Lately when I have been perusing Pinterest, these really pretty monochromatic nails have been popping up. (see some of the ones I have pinned here)

I’m typically a light pink, deep burgundy or bright red kind of nail polish girl. Light grey is my “fun color”. (LOL!) Every so often though, I branch out. This time branching out meant I got ALL OF MY FAVORITE COLORS. Hah! When I went to the nail salon last week, I showed my girl a picture and asked if she could do something similar and she said yes! I’ve seen these multi-colored nails being advertised as a way you don’t have to pick a nail color / making it easier to choose nail colors, but let me tell you, it is not easier. In fact, it is almost harder! You have to pick multiple colors that go together without being too similar annnnd you have to pick the order they go in!

I picked my colors out of their random binder, but they are all R Colours Dipping Powder. On the bottom of the jars they also say Olivia Dip Powder? I’ve never been able to find this brand online. If you can find the brand or if your nail salon has it, the colors are below and are listed by finger.

  • Pinky: 171 Genevieve

  • Ring Finger: 006 Emily

  • Middle Finger: 007 Abigail

  • Pointer Finger: 008 Madison

  • Thumb: 009 Chloe

A go- brand for me is Kiara Sky and I CAN find them in the internet, so here’s some KS colors that I think would work too!

Lace Top | Madewell Denim Shorts | Dolce Vita Slides

When my nail tech was almost done she confessed “When you first said you wanted this, I thought it was weird, but now I see why you wanted it. It’s cute!!” LOL I would have never guessed she didn’t like it or thought it was ugly, but I’m glad she came around! Not sure if I’ll sport the multi-color nail polish every time I go, but I think it is super fun to welcome summertime. PLUS it makes me happy and nostalgic for the 90’s. Side note - I actually like this nail trend a lot better than the one finger statement polish color that was super popular around 10 years ago.

What do you think?? Are you in on this trend or do you think it is juvenile? This cool thing about this fad is that it can be as loud or as muted as you want it to be. I went more with the neutral side of it, because that is more my style; but, you can for sure get a lot crazier with it! I like experimenting with my nails from time to time, because it is only permanent for a week or two andddd you can always take it off whenever you want, whereas a haircut or tattoo you can’t really “fix”. (I try to keep my dip powder on for 3 weeks.)

Overall I’m really happy with the way they turned out! I keep looking at them and wishing that I either did a lighter color on my thumb or that I did a medium purple instead of the white on my pinky. I also like the idea of having the same color on your pinky and pointer + the same color on your thumb and ring finger, with your middle finger having its own color. The opportunities are pretty much endless!! Have you sported this trend?? What are your favorite hues to use?!

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