He(art) Wall NYC at NYFW

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Photos by Lauren Logan Photography

Endless Rose Cropped Bell Top | J. Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt(similar here) | Matisse Nugent Booties | Baublebar Pearl Crispin Drop Earrings | Kendra Scott Elton Cuff

And just when you thought my NYFW week posts were over!! I actually forgot I had 4 other looks to post, so maybe just as big of a surprise for you as it was for me;) ANYWAY, these photos were taken at the New York Like to Know It Mural, just a couple blocks away from the rewardStyle HQ retreat - they had a penthouse rented out and it served as a place for us to relax, recharge and mingle with others, during the hustle and bustle of New York Fashion Week.

April 2018 I will have been with rewardStyle for 2 years!! I feel like I finally got accepted yesterday. (LOL). rewardStyle is an affiliate network for influencers and bloggers. It combines all the biggest and best retailers and gives people like me a way to earn money doing what we love. Previously I was with ShopStyle. To read the difference between RewardStyle and ShopStyle, click here.

Besides allowing people to make a living styling their clothing (and pretty much styling all aspects of life), rewardStyle is also a group of marketing geniuses. They curate carefully styled parties, meet-ups, and instagram feeds, because they realize that people enjoy beautiful things. It seems like a simple thought, but it's some thing some major retailers don't even understand! The reason why bloggers are becoming more and more popular (IMO) is because of 2 things:

1) you can usually hire a blogger for a campaign for less than doing it yourself

2) bloggers are real human beings, which people relate to on a personal level, whereas the chances of someone empathizing with a random photo-shoot is less likely 

rewardStlye realized this early one, which is quite clear, because they are still the industry leaders, in my opinion. When you attend their get-togethers or events, you can be sure that there will be multiple photo opps and things you actually want to take pictures of, because of how C O O L they are. I attended their Dallas City Tour (they also have a home office here) and they had a really cool flower drawing class with Alli K Design - the Dallas girl who painted the Dallas mural.( You can see the Like to Know it Dallas Mural here.) They had a hanging flower wall, which was a pretty as it sounds and we were personally taught how to draw flowers by Alli herself. You can see her How to Draw Modern Florals book here. My point in saying this is that they understand what people like and that is the key that unlocks everything!

This summer they kicked of their City Tours with the intention of not only meeting with influences in 9 different cities, but also bringing that city a piece of LTKI that everyone can enjoy (for a limited time at least!) This brought people from all over the city to the mural locations just to snap a shot AND advertised for rewardStyle. Can you get any smarter? It is effortless branding if you ask me. While I visited 2 of the murals, there were several more! D Magazine did an article on them - you can see all 9 city murals there!

That being said, when I walked into the Like to Know It NYFW Rooftop party, my expectations were high and boy were they met and exceeded! I don't even want to know how long it took their team to decorate... it was worthy of an Anthropoligie store window! Below is what I wore to their party. I actually can't believe I made it...I took the subway by myself...decided it was a great idea to wear 5" skinny heels on it, got my purse caught in the door, AND almost missed my stop, because they didn't say it on the loud speaker. What a night though!! 

BB Dakota Gretel Dress | Levi's Denim Jacket | Sam Edelman Ankle Strap Sandals | Silk Scarf | Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick

Of course, they had to have something cooler than just a regular photo booth! Below is a video of my "mannequin challenge" - it was too fun and there was a machine that sent them straight to your phone! That's another thing I love about LTKI parties and events - they have photographers on sight that can take your picture, send it to their iPad, then airdrop them to you!! I wish more events would do this - you may have to compensate a photographer, but you end up getting higher quality pictures, available for immediate posting, which increases your visibility through influencers...just saying!

rewardStyle continues to be innovative - they aren't just really good party hosts. This year they launched the app, where you can see all of your favorite influencers LTKI posts AND shop them at the same time. They actually added a cool new feature this week -  the "My Influencers" tab. If you have the app (if you don't, you can download it here), then just click on the search magnifying glass in the bottom right corner and type in ellespann in the bar at the top.I will come right up!Just make sure you are "following" me and I should show up in your "my influencers" tab, which is at the bottom of the app, second from the left! (it looks like 2 people's heads). This a TON easier than the original form of Like to Know It, which involved getting an email 15 minutes later. 

I feel like this post has turned into a rambling of why I love being a part of rewardStyle and Like to Know It, which to be honest, I am SO thankful for. It truly does open doors, provides me income, and of course lets me help y'all, which is my favorite part. Thank you so much for reading my thoughts!! Let me know if you have any questions!!

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