Where to Get Your Nails Done in Dallas ft. MiniLuxe

This post is sponsored by MiniLuxe and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make LMents of Style possible!

Something that has been consistent about my style is that I have always had my nails painted. For as long as I can remember, my mom has always had long red nails. I wasn’t allowed to have red until I was a little older, but you get the picture. I always wanted my nails done, like her! Anyway, having painted nails has always been a must for me. I feel weird when they aren’t done! Anyone else?

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve kind of been on a “natural” kick. The skincare and makeup I use is cruelty free and organic, as is my deodorant. (Read my post on natural skincare here and natural deodorants here) I’m continuing to make better choices in this area, but something I didn’t really think of or consider was my nail salon, let alone my nail polish.

Last week I was given the opportunity to host an event with Her Campus Media at MiniLuxe. I remember when MiniLuxe first came to Dallas, but to be honest, I had kind of forgotten about them – man do I wish I hadn’t, because all nail salons are not created equal!

MinLuxe is based in Boston, but has locations across the United States in Rhode Island, Los Angeles, and Dallas. Dallas is lucky enough to have 6 locations!  I hosted my event at the Uptown plaza location, but one of my favorite things is to head to Northpark Mall for some retail therapy and of course take advantage of the MiniLuxe located inside the shopping center. I have gotten several gel manicures and a couple pedicures now. I love the precision of the polish application and the quality of the product! Most of all, I love how they (and their products) promote nail growth. A visit to MiniLuxe is the all-around perfect "me time" treat. 

You’re probably like okay so what makes them different, so here ya go! MiniLuxe has amazing brand standards. First and foremost, one of their company initiatives is to be clean, in all aspects. They implement this by:

-Having super clean studios. They have a lot of white tones, which yes makes it easier to see dirt, but also makes it easy to see the clean! Something they don’t have that may make you scratch your head are massage chairs for pedicures. Massage chairs hold a lot of bacteria and grime due to the nature of their creases. MiniLuxe still provides pedicures, but in chairs that you KNOW aren’t hiding unwanted germs.

-Sterilizing properly. When I took a tour of MiniLuxe, something they really liked showing off was their sterilization room – it is actually labeled and you can see in / know their process. One thing I learned is that those little paper and plastic pouches that your nail tech pulls tools out of? You can tell if it has been properly cleaned by looking at the top of the package. If the package company logo has greyed, that means you’re good! If it’s not, that means the salon did not complete all the necessary steps of the sterlization process.

-Creating Product awareness. MiniLuxe does offer popular gel polishes and stuff like that, but something that is really neat about them is that they produce their own polishes! The MiniLuxe polishes are made in California, cruelty free, 7 free nontoxic (meaning they don’t have top 7 harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, etc), and are highly pigmented so they go on smoothly and shine bright! They also offer Performance polishes. They are made in Arizona, cruelty free, 7+ free, dries in 5 minutes, and wears like gel, but comes off like regular polish! On top of these polishes, they also have really fun things that are great gift goodies, if that makes sense. Think beauty goods like lotions and supplements that fit with the MiniLuxe brand!

So now you know that MiniLuxe is a safe place to go, but what about the actual services? Their second company pillar, only to cleanliness, is fashion! They are 2 seasonal polish lines and keep up with the trends. Something new that they just started is nail stamping! They have TONS of options and the design just stamps on top of your polish! While I work in fashion and trends, I’m not always good about keeping up with the beauty side of things, so I love that MiniLuxe does the work for me.

As you can see, there’s a lot to get excited about the MiniLuxe brand, so I was super excited to host and bring people in. We had a night of small bites + sips, enjoyed performance polish changes on hands or feet, plus brow shaping and tinting was offered! Guests went home with a swag bag including my favorite nourishing oil that brings your cuticles back to LIFE! See more of the night through the video below!

Something I didn’t really touch on is that they also offer waxing services. As you could probably have guessed, they are the cleanest possible and try and make you grimace less and smile more! I can’t wait to see what else they come up with in the coming years. They are always on top of their A-game!

Whether you head into MiniLuxe because of your health, their hygiene, or just to get a new hue on your nails, you’ll exit feeling your best!

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This post is sponsored by MiniLuxe and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make LMents of Style possible!