Save or Splurge: Sweater Edition

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Sweater weather is FINALLY here! I don't know about y'all, but it seems like there are more trends than usual to in the sweater department. I feel like all of the jersey knit trends have transcended their area and are being carried into fall- yay! The problem? There are a TON to choose from, so which do you pick? Do you buy a couple lower priced options or go for a cashmere version of your favorite? To be honest, I'm not sure what I would some cases I I find a truly awesome budget piece that will hold up (at least for a season) and is cute, but sometimes, I'm all about fiber content and quality.

This autumn I am taking the guessowork out of sweater shopping for you and bringing you the top trends at all price-points. Below you'll find pieces under $50 and those that are under $ do you! To see the options, just scroll through on the side arrows of each widget and click on the one you'd like to see more details on. If they don't let you scroll or click through, just refresh the page and retry. It should work! P.S. If you want to see more sweaters, check out my Fall Sweater Guide and Fall Cardigan Guide!

Crossback Sweaters - This is the most popular trend I have seen thus far that doesn't have to do with sleeves. I actually styled one for you in Cannon Beach. You can view that blog post here.

Tie Sleeve Sweaters - I hadn't seen this trend on a sweater before, so I find it interesting. I love the femininity the bows on the sleeves add.

Bell Sleeve Sweaters - Not a new thing, but bring them on! I recently shared this one with you on Instagram!

Ruffle Sleeve Sweaters - Also not a new thing, but I feel like I typically see it in girls? Love it in womens! I included this one on my Fall Sweater Guide, here.

Chenille Sweaters - I honestly don't know what to think of these...very 90'sish? I really love the chartreuse one though. Big surprise there;)

Cable Knit Sweaters - A CLASSIC for sure. If you are considering splurging for one and want to be smart about it, this is the route I would go!

Knitting Detail Sweaters - I really didn't know what to call this, but I saw enough of them, so I though I should include it. I like that it isn't full cable knit on the front - it is less bulky that way!

Slouchy Sweaters - This is one of my favorite kinds!! They are warm, cozy, and hide all of the holiday food;) I love pairing these with jeans, form fitting skirts, and even just with loungewear!

Basic Sweaters - #basic are the ones you totally need! They are classic and won't go out of style, so another good area to invest, if you are looking to do so.

So what is your favorite style? Do yo have a trendy one that I didn't include? Let me know! Also, where do y'all shop for sweaters? I typically look to Madewell and Free People, but would LOVE to branch out. Thanks for reading. Stay cozy! XOXO

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