Know Your Worth and Add Tax

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I am a blogger. I get paid when people buy what I suggest. People value my opinion and what I bring to the table.  But then there are times where I don't get paid or people don't reference me as a source. Or maybe a company doesn't want to work with me because they had a bad experience with a blogger.  Or someone may choose to troll me and my site and say hurtful things. While it may seem glamorous, the life of a blogger means long hours, always on social media, and sometimes convincing people that you are worth it. By no means am I having a pity party...I chose and choose to work a full time job and blog on the side. I love doing it and it presents great opportunities as a reward to my work.

That being said, sometimes it is easy to jump at any money or product that comes our way. In an ever saturating market, everyone seems to be a "blogger" and will work for free. Don't get me wrong. There are still some things I take for free, but I set guidelines like  I'm never going to post about something I don't like. (if you want to ways bloggers make money, read this post) ANYWAY, there's a middle ground for some brands where they will pay, but it is a minuscule amount and not worth your time. BUT WHERE IS THE LINE DRAWN? How do you determine if it's a relationship you can foster and in time they will pay you your worth? Side note- I'm not paid for everything I post. If I am paid, I tell you. Cuyana is a great example of a brand I write freely about. They occasionally give me free product, but I loved the brand even before I was blogging.

I had a encounter that inspired me to write a blog post on knowing your worth and waiting on God's timing. I'm a Christian, so I believe in  love and kindness, but I also believe in not being a doormat. Sometimes that means just saying no and waiting for God to open another door. Fairly recently I had an experience with brand that wanted me to do XYZ for them and pay me an 1/8 of my rate...a rate I knew was equivalent of my work + time and a rate that other brands would pay me. I toyed with the idea because it was tempting to collaborate. I ran it by one of my best friends (who also understands the blogging world) and she was like HECK NO YOU CAN'T DO THAT. I knew it my heart of hearts, but I still wanted to do it and have my name out there, especially since I hadn't done something like it in a while. I ended up saying no and was still kind of sad, but moved on. Fast forward to now and I have not 1, but 2 requests to do the same for other brands AND they paid me my rate. Just because something isn't bad, does not mean it is good for you. (one of my favorite points in the book The Best Yes)

So yeah, this example is specific to blogging, BUT the message can easily be applied to any aspect in your life. KNOW YOUR WORTH. Don't settle just because other *opportunities* (could also insert job, friends, relationship,etc) might not come your way. (wrote a piece specific to relationships called Date Someone Who Makes You Better here) A piece of advice that accompanies knowing your worth is to find someone besides yourself who knows your worth...kind of like an accountability partner. This could be a friend, mentor, spouse, etc but this is incredibly crucial because not only can they give you advice, but they can speak life into you when you feel like you're not worth anything.

PS you might be like um okay what the heck do these pictures have to do with knowing your worth...these pictures were from the first night of my first fashion week as a blogger. This made me feel "worth something" as a blogger, so I thought it was relevant. Hope you enjoyed and know that you are worth TONS.

"She is worth more than rubies, nothing you desire can compare with her." Proverbs 3:15

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