How to Decorate a Bar Cart Gallery Wall

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Prints c/o Minted: Good Words | Exploding Olives |  Brunch. Mimosa. Repeat. | Nightcap at the Bowery Rolling Vines 

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I feel kind of nostalgic writing this post...I am sharing some gallery wall art I got from Minted and this time Iast year, I was on my honeymoon! I used Minted for my wedding, soooo writing about them around the same time, but for a totally different thing! See how I used Minted for my Save The Date cards, my Wedding Invitations, and Rehearsal Dinner cards and Rehearsal Dinner Invitations.

Like I said, today I am sharing how I curated my gallery wall above my bar cart. It's actually a lot harder than it looks, so I'm going to share some thoughts that I used to help make mine the best it could be! Before I get into that, let's talk about the art. Did you know that Minted does more than just Christmas cards and wedding invitations? They actually have a whole art section with TONS of options! To add onto that, they also have home and decor items! Their holiday selection is too cute and offers the same type of designs /design contests that their paper goods do. Seriously darling!

Anywayyyy, let's get down to business and give you the tips! Here are my top 7 things to think about when creating a gallery wall:

1)     Consider your Space. Okay so yeah, this post references your bar cart and the wall area above it, BUT these tips can be used for any gallery type wall in your home. So first you choose the area you will be covering, This will be your easiest step by far!


2)    Decide theme of art. This is where you really make it you! This is a bar cart gallery wall, so we wanted somewhat of a boozy theme. We then picked what represents us. I loved the quote since I liked the mantra it stated and we are both big wine drinkers. The exploding olives one is very Nick – he is Greek and loves a good martini. Me? I just thought it was pretty! The champagne glass is classy and reminds us to celebrate, even the little things. The cozy bar area looks like the bar at The Breakers, which we loved. Very Gatsby! Last but not least, the greenery is actually Napa, which relates to us because duh, wine! If you don’t know where to start, just think of what area is this going in –coffee bar? cozy reading nook? Then just pick your favorite things in those categories!


3)    Mix it up.  The trouble with gallery walls is that you want them to look effortless and there’s actually a lot of thought that has to go into it. If you don’t want to think, Minted actually has a service that styles everything for you, based on your profile and need! I knew that I wanted to have one big phrase and that be the focus, so no other quotes. I found my quote by searching “wine” and filtering for “art”. That’s also how I found the Napa one. By searching “cocktail” I found the rest. My last add to the group was the bar scene and I’m so glad I found it, as it ties everything together.



4)    Coordinate colors. I’m a pretty matchy-matchy person, but a gallery wall begs for you to kind of mix it up. I made sure all of our colors somewhat coordinated. The second piece I actually found was the olives, so I knew I wanted a greenery piece and a red piece to complement it.


5)    Do the math. With a bar cart, you want your wall hangings to go a bit wider than it to really make a statement.  Measure your bar cart to see what space you are working with. Next decide how you want them to be spaced/how many. To be honest, when I was shopping for mine, I was like UGH my brain hurts. I thought this would be fun, not math related!! Another great thing about Minted is that their prints and art pieces come in all different sizes. I knew I wanted the Wine Quote to be the biggest and in the middle, so I went from there and chose the other sizes based on the dimensions I wanted to fill.


6)    Picture your framing situation. I chose to do all different frames to give a texture/add dimension to my wall. A great thing about Minted is that they actually offer framing services as an add-on when you add the pieces to your cart! It super convenient for those of us who want a sleeker look or just no hassle. There’s tons of options and finishes, so chances are there is something you’ll like.


7)    A little Odd.  When you are creating a gallery wall, most times you want to have an odd number of pieces. Don’t worry about only picking X number of prints, just pick your favorites and keep all of the other tips I mentioned, in mind!


So what did you think? Do you have any tips that helped you create a gallery way? We have some other places on our wall to fill, so I'm sure I'll need them. It's only taken us a yearrrr to feel like we are living together and unpacked;)

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