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Free People Ottoman Slouchy Tunic | Madewell 10" Danny Wash Jeans | Vince Camuto Madolee Over the Knee Boots

The high today is 86 and the low is 49... #TEXAS Don't worry...Friday and Saturday the low is in the 30's?! Sounds like a good time to leave the country... we are headed to Belize, so already on it! Staying in Texas? (or wherever home is?) don't worry, I've got you covered! I'll be showing you versatile pieces that you can quite literally wear to the beach or with OTK boots while you're apple picking. Catch my drift?

Anyway, now that it F I N A L L Y feels like fall, let's chat about a relevant fall trend!  Number 5 in my top 9 fashion trends for fall post was RED! Pops of red are all over the place. TO be honest, I wasn't much of a red person until I started dating Nick. He bought me a red dress for our one year dating anniversary and ever since then, he has requested I wear red. Before him I never really thought I looked good in red. It's funny to learn how others see you!

A fairly popular way to sport a "pop of red" is with red lipstick! Which is another funny story... I could never really wear it for "fun" for the past, because I wore it every Thursday and Friday night for FOUR years. (any drill teamers in the house?!) Anyway, my points are 1) if you are afraid to wear red, don't be afraid to revisit the color and try it again and 2) if you are still hesitant, there are ways to add the hue easily to your outfit w/o it feeling like so strong of a color, ie accessories.

I really like the slouchy tunic sweater I am wearing, because not only is versatile (wear it as dress!), but it is comfy, yet chic. What more could you want in a sweater, but to hide your food baby. OH WAIT. It does that too! I feel like I just put on a QVC commercial for y'all;)

Whether you're just diving into sea of red or already swimming in it, here some options for your closet! Just scroll through the widgets via the left or right sides and click on an image to be taken to its webpage! If it doesn't click through, just refresh the page and it should be clickable.

Red Apparel

Red Accessories

Red Shoes

Red Beauty

To be honest, my favorite way to pop color in general, is with shoes. It feels safer and more unexpected (in a good way). I actually wore burgundy pumps under my wedding dress! Just a fun little add in a shade of red! What's your favorite way to don the color?

So how do you feel about the trend? Are you a wearer of red? Let me know about your favorite red piece in your closet! I may need to convince Nick that I need it;)

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