How to Whiten your Teeth Naturally ft. Tom's of Maine

Thank you Tom’s of Maine for sponsoring this post!

If I had to give a theme to this year in general, I’d say it was “natural”. I want to jump into the Tom's of Maine Luminous White Toothpaste now, but first let me  give the back story.

Last February, my cat Cat, ate part of a lily. If you don’t know, lilies are highly poisonous to animals, specifically cats. Cat had to be hospitalized overnight- they fed her tar to coat her intestines in hopes that the poison would just pass through and not attack her kidneys. Cats in general get kidney failure, so this was a nightmare and a truly traumatizing experience for my me and my husband, but especially Cat.

Because of that, I began to think about what other things could be harmful to my fur babies, which got me thinking about the products I use in general. What kind of chemicals were lurking in anything from my make-up to my laundry detergent?! Honestly, you don’t want to know, but ignorance is NOT bliss. Know that whether you are cleaning the counters or cleaning your face, the products you use get in your system and have the ability to get in your pets. I’m not 100% natural yet, but I’m working on it! ( You can view recent blog posts on natural deodorant, natural skincare and make-up, and natural nail salons here.)

It’s interesting that I have thought first about products that I absorb into my skin and not about the ones I put IN my body. Isn’t that weird?! I guess I just assume that products that are potentially harmful to me wouldn’t be allowed for sale? I was wrong. Enter Tom’s of Maine!

Tom’s of Maine is a company that is renowned for its natural products, but today I am just talking about the Luminous White Toothpaste. First of all, let's look at the brand Tom's of Maine as a whole. They share every ingredient, its purpose, and its source for all of their products, in addition to  practicing sustainable business by doing things like maximizing recyclability of packaging. They also give 10% of profits to human and environmental goodness and encourage their employees to as well. If you're interested in a natural way to whiten your teeth (who isn't?!), then listen up!

If you zoom in and look at this Tom's of Maine Luminous White Toothpaste, it is cruelty free (vegan) and is  made without artificial colors, flavors, fragrance or preservatives, making it kosher and halal certified.  It's also gluten free, which I've never even thought about before, but it's something to consider when using products! Luminous White Toothpaste is a great and natural way to whiten your teeth. It isn't harmful to your enamel and therefore safe for everyday use - I honestly expected it to cause sensitivity in my teeth, and it didn't! That's because it uses two types of high cleaning silica to gently and safely remove surface stains. The best part? You cans see a visible difference in your teeth, in just two weeks!

We live in a day and age where time is of the essence, but we also want to do what is best for our bodies. Tom's of Maine presents the best of both worlds with their Luminous White Toothpaste - it is both natural and effective. All I can say is create more products like this and the world will be a better place, even if it is just one pearly white smile at a time;)

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