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Is CorePower Yoga Worth the Money?

Is CorePower Yoga Worth the Money?

I am a CorePower Ambassador. All opinions are my own!

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As I sit typing this, I am experiencing my first Monday as a Los Angeles resident. Nick and I made the drive from Dallas to LA last week and we are excited to settle into our new home. The drive honestly went as well as it could, but it was very tiresome. Needless to say, I didn’t have time to workout. Our meal and pit stops were under 30 minutes and our longest breaks were when we got to a hotel. I figured I’d write a little and check my email along the way, but I was dead dog tired each night. If I couldn’t even pilfer through my emails there was no way I was waking up for a quick jog! That, plus the fact that we often got up and left the hotel in under 30 minutes, to get on the road quickly. More on the move later! One of the many things I love about our new apartment is that I can walk to a Corepower location in under 5 minutes! Not only that, but there is another one that is about 10 minutes walking distance if I wanted a different time or teacher, etc

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Now to the point. IS COREPOWER YOGA worth the money?! First of all, prices vary per city and state. Living in California, it is more expensive here than in Texas. Before I just dive into package costs, I want to mention them in a per class price basis. Mainly because package prices can seem scary! Think of them like the small vs large olive oil bottles at the store. The larger is more expensive, but is cheaper by the ounce. Usually. The price I’m referencing are Dallas prices, but you can see any studio’s pricing by searching the studio online at CorePower. This is the Dallas location I went to, and this is the California location. You can see the price difference on those pages!

  • 1 class : $26 per class

  • 5 class pack: $25 per class ($125)

  • 10 class pack: $21.50 per class ($215)

  • 20 class pack: $19.45 per class ($389)

  • Unlimited: $12.50 per class if you do at least 12 a month (around 3 a week) ($149)

The best deal is the black tag unlimited deal, which is the package I have! Plus, if you find a new studio opening near you, sign up before that studio opens and you can get up to 25% off your black tag membership monthly rate, indefinitely! Purely viewing this from a monetary standpoint, $12.50 per class is on the lower end for a group workout class. It’s obviously cheaper than Barry’s, SoulCycle, or OrangeTheory. Plus, if you do get the 25% off, it knocks the monthly payment to under $115, which is pretty comparable to gym membership and is definitely less than a boutique gym membership. I know I’m kind of comparing apples to oranges regarding workout types, but 1) you really can get a total body workout from CPY alone and 2) if you’re willing to spend that money on other classes, it is easier to compare the prices to what you already know and pay!

BUT IS IT WORTH IT? I have had my black tag membership for 3 months now and my arms haven’t looked this toned and strong in…maybe forever! I do think it is worth the money, because yoga is not only good for the body, but for the spirit as well. I truly feel more zen and happy when I do yoga. I get some sort of that feeling with all workouts, but it is just different with yoga. I see CPY membership as an investment in my life. If you aren’t really a yoga person, I could see how it may not be appealing to you, but have you tried Sculpt? It’s yoga with weights and even people who clam not to like yoga enjoy that class! Plus every class has a “core” section where you wore on your mid section, which not only makes you look and feel great, but your entire practice benefits from it strengthening your core. At the very least, try your free week and see what you think! If you want to know more about CorePower Yoga class type and structure, I wrote all about that here.

Andddd If you’re in Dallas, CPY is opening a new location in West Village that is slated to open late October, early November! You can sign up with that home studio and get 25% off your black tag membership!

Have you tried CPY? Do you think it is worth it? It is my favorite yoga studio and I love it! Happy yoga-ing, y’all!

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