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CorePower Yoga: I'm Back!

CorePower Yoga: I'm Back!

I am a CorePower Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

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I’m so excited today to share with you an update with CorePower Yoga! If you’re an oldie and have been around since my Southern Elle Style days, you know that I was a CPY ambassador for 2015-2016. They truly changed my yoga practice and my fitness life, so I’m stoked to be back with them. To catch you up to speed, I got really into running and actually injured myself in 2014 during my first official half marathon race. I wasn’t able to run for about a year and had to go through physical therapy. Since then I haven’t run more than a 4 miles at once. If you would have told me that back in 2014, I would have cried crocodile tears. Today? I’m okay with it. Yoga was there for me when I needed it to be and it is still here!

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To be clear, I never stopped doing yoga, but stopped attending CPY because my office moved and there wasn’t a location that made sense anymore for my work week. #SuburbLife The gym at my new office did offer yoga though, so I was able to keep practicing. Oh and guess who my favorite teacher was? A CPY employee who also happened to teach at the gym. I could tell she was team CPY before I even asked, because of the way she taught. One of the things I LOVE about CorePower is that they use the actual yoga terms versus words that are never used in yoga. Don’t worry, they don’t make you feel dumb. They’ll say the Sanskrit term and then the English term, so you won’t be lost.

Another thing I love about CorePower is that they offer different types of classes. My favorite is their C2 class - intermediate to advanced yoga flows, but if you’re new, don’t worry! Try a C1. If you are more into HIIT workouts and like cardio, try a sculpt class. They are a booty kicker, that is for sure! I really like those classes, but I have to mentally be prepared for them. You do flow, but there are weights involved! They also have a Hot Power Fusion class. I’ve never actually done of these (it’s on my list!), but it focuses on poses that open the body and strengthen the core and upper body. I’ve said it before, but yoga is similar to golf…You can make any class, no matter how beginner or advanced, perfect for YOUR practice. You create your own handicap!

I can pretty much go on and on about why I love CPY, but I’ll tie it in a bow with 3 final things. People, studios, and locations! Their people are amazing. My favorite yoga teachers have always been CorePower yogis. CPY studios are nice and you can shower/get ready in them and not feel icky. Some gym bathrooms are questionable, but all of the CorePower ones I have visited are not. You can walk on their floors barefoot and not feel disgusting. #CanIGetAnAmen As far as locations go, they are a national brand! I can travel and still get my yoga on! I was able to practice when we were in LA over 4th of July and I will be able to do so again when we head to San Francisco and LA again in the next couple of weeks! Sure you can always work out other ways when you travel, but it is SO nice not to lose the routine while you’re away from home. It helps keep consistency and for sure makes you feel better! A bonus thing I love about CPY is that you don’t have to sign up for a class. You can just show up and practice! It sucks when there is a time for a class you want to attend and it fills up OR you wanted to go to a class, but life happened and you couldn’t go, so you lose money. Neither happen at CorePower! (There are a couple studios where you do have to sign up for a class, but the vast majority you don’t have to! You can see whether you have to or not within the app and online. It’s 5 studios in NYC and 1 in Costa Mesa, CA)

What I’m most excited to tell you is that if you are a Dallas yogi, you’re about to get a new studio! Currently I go to the Preston/Forest location, but next month they are opening a Victory Park studio! I’m pumped to welcome the new digs and slightly more pumped I don’t have to get on a highway anymore to enjoy CPY!

if you don’t have a CPY near you, they also offer online classes with Yoga on Demand. You can do without even leaving your home! You can even get extra classes like Core Restore and CP3, which aren’t really offered in house. PLUS you can choose your class length, so it really does fit your personal schedule and what you have time for. What are you waiting for?! Yoga is so good for mind and body! Nick says I’m a much happier (and nicer!) person when I practice ;) You know what Elle Woods says… “Endorphins make you happy and happy people don’t kill their husbands!”

P.S. It is super humbling to have your yoga flow photographed/videoed, so if you made it this far, THANK YOU. If you liked this post, you’ll probably enjoy these:

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