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How to Style a Tulle Skirt

How to Style a Tulle Skirt

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Just using tulle skirts as a dress up item for little girls or as a fabric for a formal dress, is a thing of the past. It's now very popular to wear them in everyday life. This trend has been growing for several years, but I feel like it has blown up in the latest seasons. I have a "to-do" list of things I've wanted to sew for myself and a tulle skirt has been on there for at least 2 years. Let's just say I never got around to it...

I knew I wanted one, but really didn't know how to style it. I finally took the plunge and just bought one, when I was styling my engagement photos. Don't worry, you'll get to see those. I'm just not ready to unveil them yet!

Before I bought this skirt for my engagement photos, I made sure to think it through: These are 3 tips I considered, before buying:

Tip 1: Don't skimp on the skirt. If you buy a cheap one, it will look cheap and feel cheap (aka itchy). Trust me. I wanted to pay less than $50, but I ended up going to Bliss Tulle and I didn't regret it. The hand gather their tulle skirts, so they are as pretty and poofy, as possible!  I think mine was made with box pleating, so when I say it poofs in all the right places, I mean it! I also love that it is an elastic band, rather than a zipper. It is actually comfy!

Tip 2: Consider proportion. What is your body type? If you have short legs, you probably want to stay away from a knee length or midi skirt, and go with the mini or maxi. If you have long legs, you might want to stay away from the mini. If you choose to go with it, you should most likely stay away from heels. Essentially just know your body and what looks best!

Tip 3: Wear a form fitting top. The skirt poofs out, so you want to give yourself some shape! Whether you're tiny or bigger boned, this will make your waist look smaller, because the skirt exaggerates the bottom half of your body. If you wear a loose top, at least knot it on the side, so it gives you some kind of shape.

So, now that you know what to think about before buying, you want to know how to style it, right? I mean you're going to spend all that money on one, you better want to know! I actually had a styling idea for my engagement photo session, then the skirt came in and I was wrong.  SO wrong. I had to scramble to find something else to wear. And by me, I mean Nick. He went to mall for me and searched high and low for a top, haha! He's a keeper;)

The point of this post is basically to show you that the tulle skirt is versatile.  If you're in the market for one, it's worth the money. So, without further adieu, here are 4 ways to wear it, and real-life, styling suggestions:

1) Trendy. I feel like my look falls into this bucket. Crops are back from the 90s and I love it. Remember my post on How to Style a Crop Top without looking Tacky? This look exemplifies that! Since I love crops, that's usually my choice, but there are several styles out there, that are more modest.

What to Pair it with: crop tops, textured fabric like lace or velvet, Lace up blouses, lace up flats, off the shoulder blouses, bodysuits, obviously relative to current trends


2) Casual. Wanting to  wear a formal bottom, but dress it down? It can be so fun, if you do it right! I think my favorite way, is with a button down, that is knotted in the middle. You can really pair it with any shoe, if you style it this way, too! 

What to Pair it with: chambray shirts, flannels, converse, graphic tees

3) Formal. This is your typical tulle look. You can wear this to church, a special event, like a shower or a party, or an evening affair.

What to Pair it with: fancy fabrics like satin or silk, heels, high end accessories.

4) Edgy. I'm not so edgy, but I appreciate people who are! I think it's fun to style a tulle skirt in an unexpected way. My fellow Dallas blogger, Valery,does such a good job of this!  Here is one of her edgy, tulle skirt looks, that is so fun and so her.

What to Pair it with: chunky boots, ironic tees, funky makeup, unexpected lipstick




So what's your favorite way to wear a tulle skirt? If you don't already have one, do you think you'll make purchase one soon?


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