Why I'll be a Tory Burch Customer For Life

Tory Burch Elana Sandal (also comes in Jelly Blue, and I'm obsessed!) |  J. Crew Strapless Dress | Kendra Scott Earrings | Kate Spade Bangles | Essie Master Plan Nail Polish | YSL Rose Intime Rouge Volupte Lipstick

Let me start off by saying that I appreciate designer apparel and accessories, but I don't just up and buy them on a random day, because it's "treat yo self Tuesday". You catch my drift? Tory Burch is one of those brands that I have admired from afar. Sure, I had the signature flats, but it didn't go much more past that...a surface level relationship, if you will.

My appreciation for them recently grew, as I actually bought my wedding shoes from the Dallas Northpark Tory Burch Store. I'd show you, but that'd ruin the surprise. Don't worry- you'll see them in 200+ days! Anyway, then for Christmas, Nick got me a pair of Tory heels. I typically wear a size 8 1/2, but sometimes I fit into an 8 (think Uggs and Hunter boot sizing). The pair he wanted to get me was sold out in 8 1/2, so he just bought the 8's, hoping they'd fit. Well, they didn't, so he took me to the store, to pick out a new pair.

My friend Victoria works at the Highland Park Village Store, so we decided to go to that location, this go around. If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably remember this pic! They pampered and princessed me, for sure! I tried on several replacement pairs, but ended up choosing the Brentford Sandal- a bejweled, strappy sandal, from Tory's Holiday 2015 collection. It was/still is winter, so I hadn't really had a chance to wear them yet. I took them to Seattle with us, about a month ago, for our engagement session and was stoked to give them a try! No sooner had we arrived on at Snoqualmie Falls, I realized that my ankle strap, to my right heel, had gone rogue! I tried locating it, but who knows where it went! So yes, when I had them on in this post, I was already missing the ankle strap. Sad day for sure, as  I never got to truly wear them-I only stood in them.

As soon as we got back to Dallas, I contacted Tory Burch and explained my predicament. Oh and by I , I mean Nick;) He spoke to their customer service department on the phone. They scoured all the Tory Burch stores and inventory warehouses, throughout the world, and there was no other shoe and/or damage out, they could give me. Reluctantly I sent them back, but the story doesn't stop there. Not only did TB pay for me to return my shoes, but they recommended the closest pair they had and only made us pay the slight difference ($20), not even shipping! It wasn't their fault the strap didn't make the trip. They didn't have to allow me to essentially have an even exchange. They could have been rude and made a fuss. Wow. I was blown away.

My first job was essentially in custom clothing customer service and I wish I had that much grace and poise! I'm not anyone special and yet Tory Burch still treated me like they owed me something. So, thank you Tory Burch. Thanks for having great products. Thanks for having a wonderful team- whether they work at corporate or retail. Keep up the good work. You've made a life-long customer out of me and my loyalty is fierce. Brava!

So, be a little kinder and nicer today...and everyday, for that matter. No, not because it could get you something out of it, but because we've been shown grace, so the least we can do, is show others that same love. Be it in the returns line at Wal-Mart, or on your morning drive to work, be kind and help make the world a better place...even if it is just by one shoe at a time, like Tory Burch. Your kindness will rub off on others and will surely create a domino effect, whether you ever witness it or not.

Have you ever worked with a marvelous customer service? Does it affect your love of a brand?

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